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Thursday, 28 October 2010


Smiling and me visited this creative 'art experience' at SaliMar, an enchanting very well made sim. Smiling said 'there goes my reputation when you blog this item.....' Sorry sweetie, but I think many will be interested to have a look at this artistic sim.
Salimar is a residential place, a medieval Tuscany kind of town on a hill, where people can share art experiences. It's also a community you can join, the SaliMar group organizes music events and other forms of art. There is even a blog: http://salimarblog.com
All made possible by the gentle owners and builders of the place Mila and Rod. 

Smiling and me we did not have much time to wander around the place. I entered (of course) with my feet in the water and we walked over the bottom of the ocean beneath the legs of a giant woman to a small exhibition place where we found hot artistic nude pictures, a sort of SL porn or was it the Second Life Botticelli?
I liked the pictures; high quality. I show you the hottest one (of course, big smile).

The house in the sky is great fun too. Well don't linger go and explore. Here's your taxi to SaliMar

Dikke kus

'Second Life Botticelli'?

PS the grey sweater I am wearing is the Ronsem halloween gift for guys and girls.  

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