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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

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No fashion, nor exploring, but some thoughts and reflections for a change.
Let me explain what triggered those reflections: when studying the STATS (statistics) of my blog I wondered why some posts (some of them very old), are ALWAYS - really for months and months on a row - on top of my top 10 of favorite posts (see bottom of this webpage). 
These are the posts:

  • Salimar
  • Image Plus
  • Wet boots 
  • and lately also Seductive hippy girl

Now, I understand that people like the last photo of 'Salimar' coz that one is truly a hot picture. And, if you are a person that likes big ladies well then you will love the female figure in the water at Image Plus. Both are sims I explored and where I took these juicy pictures. 
However, Seductive Hippy Girl is a fashion post with a perfectly decent me in a red outfit and more over the Wet Boots post is even more decent coz it shows  Sven and me fully dressed dancing in the ocean. 

wet boots

Yeah, sometimes I just wonder who the people are that are so interested in these last two posts. Just intrigued and curious about them and what makes them interested in these specific photos. But hey I love their interest in my blog! Forgive me my curiosity ;-) Love you all!

Dikke kus

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