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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Happy Birthday dear Kea, happy birthday to you ;-)

Today is Aikea Reiko (Kea), her RL birthday and to celebrate this she sent out a HUGE-ASS bag of goodies as she called it, to all members of her group (Plastik). She picked out all of her favorite skins, eyes, and clothes for men AND women.
OMG sooo many items; will take hours and hours to unpack and rezz all.

Well I started unpacking at KaToMaNi, where Fabio and I have a small exhibition (8 photos). Do come and have a look, here's your taxi.

I took some pics in front of our exhibited photos.

1st Plastik gift outfit: 
Skin: Plastik Ataciara Chorus-Phoenix
Dress: BordelloReloaded - SouthernLights 

2nd Plastik gift outfit:
Skin: Ataciara Chorus-Phoenix 
Pants: Aeda Slacks Moss
Shirt : BeautifulStorm-RoseGarden laila 

3rd Plastik gift outfit: 
Skin Ataciara Elven - Nautical (Warlord)
Dress: Airen Peach (comes with black and/or white pearls around pelvis and chest)

4th Plastik gift item: Tomboy Verve shirt, wich comes in a pack of two: the other Tee is called Wanda and has sculpted chest part! Wearing my Plastik FLF Aleksandra Beta skin - Fawn, wow I truly love this one.

From my closet:
Fri.day Hair Deena - Scornful red

Happy birthday dear Kea and thanks soooo much!
Dikke BIRHDAY kus

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  1. \o/ Good Dido!! Is amazing the gift of Aikea!, i was almost in shock, like a commotion for all bloggers, and obviously very grateful with Aikea Rieko Awesome you post, like always thank you very much for your support Dido! Kisses