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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Anna's Many Murders by Bryn Oh

It's new, it's exciting and you HAVE to go there!
Yeah I know I didn't take enough pics to show you, but hey who needs pics when you know it's Bryn ....
She is a genious and this new sim/adventure is exciting and soooooo Bryn :-)
Thanks Michiel, dear brother, for the LM!

Meeting Bryn

A bit of fashion (always...): showing +Randomocity+ Steampunk Gears tank top women, 
combined it with the Tulip Lilly Set jacket layer 'Disconnected' (a former TFG item)

Furthermore wearing:
Dutch Touch skin CleO Olive EB1 Smokey FR
Truth hair Jean auburn, streaked
AMD Berry Flexy skirts - white
TFG necklace Ethnic special summer edition
Kookie Armada Neurtral boots

Have fun exploring this new Bryn Oh sim!
Dikke kus

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