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Friday, 8 July 2011


Boho woman the colourfull July Group Gift of AnaLee Balut

Yesterday evening I went out dancing and wanted to wear a colorful summer dress and remembered the ALB Boho outfit, still waiting in my closet. Wow so many items in that Boho folder (almost all sculpted parts). I love the masses of skirt swirling around my pixel legs and the super sexy tops (winks). 
The folder also provides sandals with pixel feet in 3 colors, jewelry and sleeve sculpted arm parts to complete the white and pink rose shawl, but I preferred this look. Super shawl, so nicely made.

the other sexy sculpted top from the Boho woman folder

I completed the outfit with the cute colorful JD button jewelry. Fun and yeah it's summer alright.

Bloggers review items:
JD set button (earrings and necklace showing)  
ALB (AnaLee Balut) Boho woman July Freebie set  

From my closet:
Randomocity boxing tape gloves dark red
Lara Hurley skin Heather smoke1
A&A Kimba hair dark rose
PC eyes bright ice crystal
TSS piercing darken eyebrow

Dikke kus

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