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Monday, 25 July 2011

Behind the Web

Wearing last FLF (22 July) Plastik Aleksandre Beta skin (Fawn). Wow, I really really love this skin, especially (like all Aikea Rieko's skins) the body, which is so detailed and awesome. 
The Aleksandra skin folder contains many tattoo layers of Ataciara makeups for face and body (white freckles as well as eye and lip makeups).
I combined Aleksandre skin with my favorit YS&YS Freckles Add tattoo layer. Yep, I am a freckles addict I guess :-)

Also wearing DECO Bloom heels in cream, another great FLF item I bought last Friday. They are not the first pair of Blooms heels I bought. Lovely.

Pictures were taken at Roche, which is worthwhile exploring. 
Here's your taxi

Dikke kus

Roche, worthwhile exploring

DECO Bloom heels

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