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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

climbing chairs

Yeah another skin but wow I luv this one it's from Essences called Serena (wearing the pale skin) and now available at Festival of Sin. I have several Essences skins; bought most of them at TFG, I like them. Their are also many many make-ups tattoo layers available, on the photo I am wearing the Serana lipstick natural 01. 
Also wearing my Mynerva GG eyeliner/shadows combination tattoo layer and Redmint no. 19 hair - scandinavia blond.

Climbing a lot of chairs: the SS (Studio Sidhe) Determination 3 prose prop available at the Back to Black Event Venue for $L 50 until 29 Feb. Wow shouldn't be afraid of heights ^^

LW (Lash-Ware) Navy Nights, which is actually a male outfit but with some nifty work I made it fit my skinny avi ^^
It consists of faded jeans with a military shirt in both long and short sleeves. Cute and now available for only 15 L$ (!!) at Mens.Select.

Yeah hear you thinking 'what's Mens.Select'? Well it's a fashion & style based project aimed at bringing the very best menswear, accessories, and decor around the grid to the Guys of SL (and girls) at one location. Mmm, not all guys are comfy going to grab the goods at locations swarming with ladies, soooo why not create a place for the fellas?" Cool, soooo guys there you go here's your taxi to Mens.Select.
Also wearing: Anymore punk boots in apple.

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