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Monday, 20 February 2012

Milena, Sara & Maggie

Wow consumptious gifts of Mynerva: showing you 2 different Milena skins as well as Sara skin and makeups, love them all! The Milena GG 3 in porcelain and latte (not shown here) was up for a limited time and will be/or already has been taken  off the shelf as soon as the main skinline is released.  

GG 3 Milena preview update Porcelain

Also wearing the Mynerva GG combination eyeliner, shadow tattoo layer from the GG makeup pack. Phew soo many awesome gifts: the pack contains several makeup variation tattoo layers; i.e. blushes, a light pink lipstick, full face make-up, and a shape too (not wearing) and many more. Thanks so much Rhapzody for these awesome gifts! 

Sara Pure another GG skin

Moreover wearing one of the two new Truth hairs of this week called Maggie. Maggie comes with options like with/without roots, streaked/non streaked and consists of 2 parts; one of them being a mesh attachment, Wow! Showing Maggie with roots/streaked in champagne.

Also wearing the Miamai Catwalk lashes twinkle; the February GG. I feel spoiled this weekend ^^ 
dikke kus

Milena Cream  

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