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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Irresistible Urban girl(s) Lana & Elena

Wearing lots of new items this evening:
Let me start with the new Truth hair of this week called Lana, shown with roots and in quince. Awww so much fluffy hair :-)
Next is the new Essences skin called Elena, wearing pale. This skin comes with many many tattoo layers for eyeliner (awesome luv those muchly), cleavage, public hair, lipstick, blush and freckles). On the photos I am wearing Essences tattoo layers lipstick red 01 and freckles 02, which I combined with my fav YS&YS freckles tattoo layer.

My outfit consists of parts of the Urban Girl look 83 of Irresistible Design. I like the cute sneakers with leg warmers and the sweatshirt around my waist.

I replaced the Urban Girl white top and red sculpted body warmer for another new item; the Pink lipGloss cheeta jacket in black. The jacket comes in 3 colours: black, cheeta and pink.
As promissed showing another lovely Bliensen + MaiTai necklace: this one is called Tropfen dots and comes with matching earrings. 
The tattoo 'my vida loca', which I blogged a few days ago is from JB (Juicy Box)

Take care when driving coz it's slippery! We had snow today in Holland and 800 kilometers of traffic jam as a result :-(
But hey it's weekend now yeah, sooo wish you all lots of snow pleasure!
dikke kus

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