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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday 5 Feb, last day of my exhibition at Auggers

Yeah, time flies and TODAY (5th February) is already the LAST DAY of my exhibition at Auggers Photo Gallery. Until now I didn't find time to blog the photos taken at the official opening of my exhibit on 17th January. Sooo here are a few to give you an idea (thx Nitro and Fabio for taking/editing pictures). 

 sipping champagne all evening
Cath and Petrov
JMB doing a wild dance
Mina showing her latest hair
Nitro, who took the photos
Roxy and a friend
Pietertje and a lady friend 
 Fabio overlooking the dance floor
Kooky dancing with Fabio

If you haven't visited my exhibit yet, this Sunday is your last chance.

But for those of you who cannot make it: after today you are welcome to see my photos at Fireguard gallery, which is situated in a supa large skybox above my home (LM in my profile) ^^
dikke kus

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