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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Venice by candle light

Pfff what drama: lag, lag, lag, crashing at the awesome Venice sim, but hey I did it I succeeded in taking this photo showing you Scandal tshirt olive (Designer Showcase) one of the many many new items I received in a bloggers review folder of Sassy, and moreover many many candles in the water.
Hope you will be less laggy than I was when visiting Venice, do go coz it's worthwhile! Here's your taxi to Venice

Always so difficult to choose so I place both photos ^^

Furthermore wearing:
EED (Elemental Earth Designs necklace 'with heart fun'  NEW 
Anymore DOLL skin Natural freckles honey  NEW
Juicy Box tattoo mi vida loca  NEW
Mayfly eyes deep sky paris green (mesh)
LouLou&Co Crepuscule gloves and bracelet
YS&YS freckles tattoo layer
Redmint hair no. 19 scandinavia blond
Anymore punk boots in grey
MichaMi cropped & slouchy pants in black
Dark Mouse round about glasses

dikke kus

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