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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Spirit by Claudia Jewell

This evening Nitro tp-ed me to Spirit a full sim installation made by Claudia Jewell, inspired by Bosch and created with mesh. There is a free mesh avi near the entrance point, a gift for all.
Claudia her creations are enchanting. I had seen her work at The Path but Spirit is phew soo much more.
Thanks Claudia for making beautiful things and sharing it with others!
Some photos and a taxi to Spirit 

the explorers :-)

NEW the supa sexy see through pink Sassy Sleepless Valentine day 2012 Group Gift
the awesome wings coming from the folder of the giftie mesh avi I picked up at Spirit.

Redmint skin pale no. 7 and Redmint hair no 19 in scandinavia blond
EDD necklace Nuts for You
Angelic tattoo Freedom
Maitreya Mesh Radical boots red reptile

dikke kus

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