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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Fri.day girl with a Dutch touch

Here's a picture of me with new skin, hair and dress and matching WoE hoodie Shrug in color sea (not new). Yep I've been spending some Lindens  ;-) 

The Miley hair is nice as I like my hair to have a 'messy look', with a loose side pony. I bought the brown series as I'm gradually changing from black to brown hair.  

The Sweet.heart dress comes in 8 colors and has a color changing belt, a sculpted skirt and a low back. For a change I bought Emerald and not black or red (my fav RL and SL colors). And you know what without the sculpted skirt it looks cool on a pair of jeans.

I liked the DT Valentine MaaN skin gift right away, although I normally wear more lighter skins. However, MaaN is available in Cocoa tone only. Ikki told me this personally when I asked her in IM after noticing her on my radar in DT store. So no use waiting for other skin colors: I bought the Extended Smokey makeup version. I love smokey eyes, but you've noticed that no doubt  ;-)  MaaN comes in 9 Single MakeUps or all 9 in FATPack, and also 4 sets of Duopacks (so in total there are 17 makeups), inclusive Eyelashes, Hairbase and Cleavages.

picture taken at Two Fish (see my blog item on this subject)

My friend Svenlo always complaints when I am wearing a different hair/skin (I never change my shape). He likes me best with the 'Svenlo look' as I call it; Abyss hair and League skin. He gets really annoyed when I am wearing a demo skin. Sometimes I do to decide if I really like that particiular demo skin enough to buy it - 'Dido demo girl'.
My landlord Alphons calls it 'Dido under construction'. I also have my 'Alphons look' btw.

Dikke kus

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