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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Viva El Andaluz

What an awesome place I visited last weekend on several occasions with different friends: El Andaluz. I love this place in RL but I can recommend to visit its SL version too. For sure worthwhile!

I loved to dance at and walk around the gardens of the Generalife, see the lion fountain in the Alhambra (Granada) and suddenly found myself praying in the Mezquita (Cordoba). There is also an islamic school with an extensive library containing books in Arabic as well as in English. When I was there girls were talking about their faith in Allah.

Dikke kus

An impression:

take a tour around the sim on a flying carpet

the famous Lion fountain

the Generalife

with Sparks : see I love tiles

 washing our hands and feet in front of the Mezquita

praying in the Mezquita with Cat and Sparks

yeah I do love tiles

girls in the Islamic school

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