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Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Last Sunday I visited the little RunoRuno shop, and every time I do, it makes me smile. Nice things for a very nice price (almost all items are $L 50). I already have many of Jojorunoo her items, but could not resist to buy some more. I bought the lace dress in black and white, the new Weave coat and the dollarbee noodle chair with new poses. Sparks and me we had fun with the chairs (right chair on the picture is with new poses).

All Jojorunoo's items come in various options (long/short skirt, different layers and prims) and always very sexy/daring. Especially the Undress items are revealing, although she gives you 3 layers of plasties to cover up your nipples.

Wanna know more about this creative lady read the interview with her. 
My first RunoRuno item ever was her white sweater that leaves one breast bare. Loved it! 
Pics taken at my home, except the first one that's at RunoRuno shop.  

Dikke kus

the noodle chair (dollarbee) in the shop with Sparks

the Undress short version (there are many in black and white)

black lace dress short version (back)

satin dress comes in various versions (sexy and sheer)

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