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Friday, 26 February 2010

Two Fish

Wednesday evening I went exploring after receiving an LM of my friend Michiel (hugs darling) in Two Fish. Aww what a place that is. I urge you all to go and have a look. Awesome artistic landscape with many amazing spots to sit and enjoy or take pictures. I was impressed! The sim is not finished yet, building is still going on.

It reminded me a little of Immersiva cause this place too has a theme; the story of Susa Bubble.
A sweet but savage tale about how single Susa doubles up (see youtube story).   

This Is the Tail
Of Susa Bubble
Who went to bed single
And woke up double
Woke up as two
In her single bed.
Who are you? Who are you?’
She said, she said,

There was no holding on after that
Some were happy, others sad
They all came in the same tiny size
Had short little fingers
And blue round eyes

All of a sudden it stopped finally
And they ended up with thirty-three

(Rose Borchovski)

As usual when I am visiting a place (fortunate me) I met the creative Rose Borchovski; a lovely lady with a beautiful avi and ever so kind to all visitors.

Rose Borchovski

Of course I could not stop taking pics. Here are a few to give you an impression. If you see Rose say hello from me ;-) 

Dikke kus


  1. Wow...Great set of surrealistic pictures! Well done, Dido!

  2. Aww blushing... Thanks Michiel
    Dikke kus