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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Saying goodbye

Today my dear friend Barry left SL. I received a notecard in which he mentioned he would leave. Too many nasty things had happened which made him decide to leave.

Hi there Dido just a short note to explain I am giving second life away you have been a good friend and If you want to keep in touch with me then not a prob this is my email addess you can send and let me know what is happening xxxxxx@xx

so keep in touch you seemed to be a genuine Friend so sure please feel free to keep in touch with me Barry

last dance

Broke my RL heart. I IM-ed him and he promissed me a last dance before he would deinstall SL. He came and we danced at my home. Awww I cried RL tears, breaks my heart every time a good friend leaves. He is such a kind man and true friend. 
But is good to know he will focus now on RL. I sincely hope he will found the love he is searching, he deserved it.

wishing you well Barry

Dikke kus for Barry, my awesome Aussie man, gentleman and Gorean warrior (steel and honor ;-)


  1. Hele dikke knuffel... hugs

    Not the kinda thing you expect on Valentines Day. Hope he will have peace in his RL.


  2. Touching story! I think memories make saying goodbye difficult.

    I wish you strength, Dido.