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Thursday, 18 February 2010


LINGERIE... awww who doesn't love it and wants to have loads of it? Well I do for sure!
RL and SL lingerie in my eyes should be sexy, a bit provocative, well made with an eye for detail, nice material (i.e. lace), have the right colors and should certainly NOT be slutty, cheap looking bling bling stuff.

Yesterday my friend Ner, see her blog at The SL Fashionista, gave me a tp to Fishy Strawberry. After the mist disappeared in the shop (pfff so much lag there) we found what we were looking for and both drooled over the Ignition lingerie set. So nicely made and with lots of options and layers. 
Ner gave me the url of a website that showed the RL version of this Ignition set. Super but ... mmm EUR 300. The SL version is a bit less expensive ;-)

The ignition set includes the following options:
  • the balconette bra 
  • the corset with garters 
  • the simple corset
  • the garter belt (with and without garters) 
  • sheer lace classic panties 
  • two kinds of stocking: shiny and opaque.
But what color, arghh always difficult to decide which color to buy...  
In the end Ner and me decided for repectively oldrose and brown. This set has so many options and layers. You can wear it even as a top under a jacket or on a jeans when you go out dancing, or just as lingerie to seduce your SL lover/BF.

Have a hot evening!
Dikke kus

PS Ner will be back blogging for The SL Fashionista this week (pfff so happy as I really missed her inspiring entries) cause her new laptop will arrive tomorrow. Super Ner!

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