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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Ayla's Misty and skins from TFG

I received a notecard from Ayla yesterday that mentioned her mainstore had moved to a new location: The Deck and announcing her first participation in Mooday Mondays: Misty dress in orange for only L$ 55! So I went there and bought this fluffy dress.
Misty has a two-options skirt (prim and atransparant sculpted) and a subtle lace along the neckline. It comes in all layers. 

IREN Barbara skin

Afterwards I went to TFG (The Fashion Garret) and couldn't resist buying two skins. Arghhh I have sooo many already. Both skins are light and freckled.
IREN Barbara has nice lips and gives my avi a rather stern and arrogant look. Mmm I like that sometimes ;-)

Al Vulo Cloe Bohemiene has lovely lips, many freckles and a rather vulnerable look. Oh well 2 more skins mmm, they too will fit into my inventory of over 21.000 items pfff...

Al Vulo Cloe Bohemiene skin

Ayla's Misty dress orange for Moody Mondays week 5 (55 L$)  
IREN Barbara skin for TFG
Al Vulo - cloe Bohemiene skin

Dikke kus

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  1. Love the Al Vulo skin on you - makes you look so young and pretty and vulnerable. Quite the opposite from the other skin! :-))