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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Lawless Vilda and Sarah

This evening I went to a sort of balloon with an awesome steampunk-style captains cabin (thanks Fabio for the tp). I took loads of photo's of many new item I wanted to show you:

First of all Sassy CAW (Celtic Amazon Warriors) Hunt for Life gift called Lawless. This hunt with fantasy and roleplay prices is being run from 16 May till 16 July to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. I like this outfit.

Moreover, I am wearing the Essences Sarah skin which I bought for little money at the 9th Edition of the TFG (The Fashion Garret). To be honest I am not enthousiastic about this skin. I prefer Katy, which too is an Essences skin I bought at TFG. 

I finally went to the Shoe Fair and could not resist buying these awesome G*Field Open Boots 'Vilda' in beige and black. Wow love them!
Moverover, I took demo's of awesome heels but... pfff have to wait till the ship with money comes sailing in ;-)

Dikke kus

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