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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Toxicat at Neko Playground

Fun, fun, fun playing at the Neko playground
I went there to have fun as well as take pictures of this new awesome Toxicat outfit of BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich). 

The Toxicat outfit consists of many, many items as well as different options. Of course it contains the ears, tail, paws (with or without footprints) and claws, but it also has several pair of gloves (wearing the long version with nails), different socks, lots of make up tattoo layers, a gasmask, etc

I am showing you Toxicat Purple, but the outfit is also available in hot pink, blue, yellow, orange, red, white, green and cyan.
Well it was fun to be a neko for a change! Although I did miss my neko friend Kooky to play with.

Dikke kus

Thanks Cameron for the bloggers review item!

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