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Monday, 23 May 2011


This is the new outfit of BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) called Rapture. I decided to unpack the brown version instead of the black one for a change ;-)
Rapture exists of many many different layers and sculpted parts with various options and comes in 9 colours. I am 
not wearing tail and ears in the photo, although they are lovely. The nice brown boots are part of the outfit too. All textures are so detailed; yeah guess I am definitely a fan of BDR designs.
Thanks for the bloggers review item Cameron.

Futhermore wearing this weeks other new Truth hair called Cecilia streaked - copper. Love this hair on my avi. 

Picture taking at House of V, while dancing with Fabio at the awesome music of DJ Justininho.

Dikke kus and nite nite

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