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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Blindfolded by BDR

 Insomnia (exclusive top which is Maitreya bra top, coz I don't like pasties)

Beautiful Sin

Today I received a bloggers review pack from BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) containing 2 outfits called Insomnia and Beautiful Sin, which inspired me to go to a naughty place, awww

Both outfits contain many items: a scripted tail, ears, boots, skirt, panties, top, jacket, blindfold, scarf, several make up tattoo layers and more, with which you can make many many combinations. 
I like the quality of the textures. Take a look at the high waisted leather skirt of the Insomnia outfit: love it!

I drooled over the mask and blindfold coz they fitted so well with hardly any adjustment (both are scripted). 
Yep this is not the regular ballroom stuff but so well made and fun too ;-)

Dikke kus

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