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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Cats are grey

I love masks and this one (Split Pea 'All cats are grey') I found accidently when cleaning my closet. Arghh I have too many items (over 21 k) so I need to throw away stuff, but where do I start ... (hand in hair)
Anyway, this afternoon I received this cute SoO (Shades of October) Reach and Groan top as a bloggers review item. SoO will be participating in the Creature Feature Hunt (June 1 to June 30) put on by the Dead Dolls of SL group. More info about this hunt to be found here  
The item you are looking for in this hunt is a BONE.

pic taken by Fabio (thanks sweetie!!)

Furthermore showing you one of this weeks new Truth hairs called Teshan in quince. Wow, don't I look ravishing with this hair ;-)

The seamed fishnet tights are from Blowpop and OMG how I love them! I accidently stumbled on to them when visiting the Blowpop shop coz I bought some lingerie this afernoon to replace the stuff I lost in February (my entire lingerie folder gone ... drama). 

The animation (white box I am sitting on) is this Friday's FLF Olive Juice item called Sexy Sexin. Wow I love it!

Dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items!

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