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Monday, 2 May 2011

Love is a Game

This outfit called Boho Orange-Red is the A&M (Acid and Mala) contribution to Culture Shock 2011. What I am wearing consists of a mix of the two (separate) items: the Boho Long Skirt and dito Chic Top. The shirt and sleeves have lots of nice details, i.e. beads on sleeves and halter neck, love them!

I like this outfit, however, it does remind me a lot of the  A&M Menorca dress (which I blogged too btw). Both have more or less the same style and colour. This Boho dress has more details though.
Mmm, well makes no never mind, coz it feels like SUMMER is here and turns me into a hippie girl from Ibiza/Menorca or whatever Spanish island ;-)

Furthermore wearing:
++Randomocity++ boxing tape gloves dark red
Essences Katy skin and cat eyeliner tattoo layer (TFG)
A&A Kimba hair Dark Rose
b.nuts star lip piercing
TSS Darken eyebrow piercing
<3 Rien tattoo 'Love is a Game' - fun tattoo had forgotten all about it but hey I love it!

Dikke kus

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