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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Verta Break heels and Artificial Virtual feral foxes

I am enchanted by the Zeery Verta-Break heels. Now this is something different (love that name btw: verta-break ;-). 
You can buy them at Culture Shock Location: Section: Green/ NOR 14
Price L$335, 50% goes to Event Charity  "Médecins Sans Frontières", they come  with Invisi Prim and Alpha Layers and contain a deletable script 

To complete the picture I am wearing Eclectica Feral Foxfur in charcoal.
Eclectica 'Feral' is a set of 1920's styled fur stoles, nicely sculpted and textured to sit neatly around the shoulders. A beaded chain holds the piece in place. 

Now I really love this part of the info on the attached notecard: This "foxfur" is made from entirely artificial virtual feral foxes. No actual foxes or furries have been harmed, nor any menace intended to them. 
Too funny, how politically correct can one be... artificial virtual feral foxes, lol! 

Sitting on a marble garden chair of Zoe's Garden; nice animations.

Eclectica Feral Foxfur -charcoal 
Zeery Verta-Break heels 
Crazy Glam underwear (part of outfit)
Essences Katy 01 skin
Poetic Color Eyes Easter Lilac
A&A Kimba hair Dark Rose
BeautyCode pearl crystal earrings
(Cigarette Holder with AO (part of outfit The New Zero - I mean business))
Lelutka-2011 lashes natur
B.nuts star lip piercing

Have a super weekend!
Dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items!

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  1. We have a skater that plays for our roller derby league, the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, with the name Verta-Break. It's a great derby name, and she is in LOVE with these heals!