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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Wicca (Finesmith) ... eat me

Jewellery or art that's the question. Finesmith Wicca corset, chest jewellery and especially the awesome mask inspired me. 
Pics taken at the entrance of 'The Next Day' sim. Did not enter (yet), but looks dangeroussssss and therefore tempting!

Finesmith Inspiration Wicca (OMG that mask it's SUPER)

Solange Traction Flex skirt
Essences Katy 01 skin incl Cat Eyeliner tattoo layer
A&A Kimba hair Dark Rose
Lelutka 2011 lashes/natur
B.Nuts star lip piercing
TSS darken eyebrow piercing
Sassy Kitten Design Sassy high heels damask black
Repulse 'Eat Me' stomach wound tattoo (mm yeah love this one)

Dikke kus

Thanks Finesmith for the bloggers review item!

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