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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

BDR Romantica

dress no 3

Showing the new BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) outfit called 'Romantica'. Actually the folder contains 6 different dresses (lace/leather combinations), which all come in shirt/jacket/pants layers. I show you several options in this blog entry. 

Of course you'll find a tail and ears in the folder as well as lace and leather gloves and the sandals shown beneath. Wow, a lot of items as usual. I like 'Romantica', different dresses for all of my moods ;-)
Oh and there are 4 other colors available: red, soft pink and white, as well as a purple version, but that's the +6500 Group Gift of BDR. 

Dikke kus

Thanks Cameron for the bloggers review item!

dress no 2

     dress no 4

                                              dress no 6

the Romantica sandals

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