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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Kooky and me in the Gallery ;-)


Having an exhibition means working ... phew. This evening my friend Kooky visited the gallery and we had fun taking pics for this blog entry. 
Thanks Kooky, Sonnyboy, Ronan and JMB for your visit this evening. A special thanks to JMB for her advise, will follow up!

Dikke kus
Dido is wearing:
the NEW Graffitiwear outfit (bloggers review item); Red Belted Corset and Red Stripey trousers. It's lovely and the texture of the top feels so soft on my pixel body.
Today's FLF hair from Elikatira called 'Again' (mm strange name). For a change I put on the black hair from the pack of 8 hairs (!). Wow, me as a dark haired girl, that's ages ago. 
FLF League Wanderer Jewellery set in black. Super, I already have the brown version, but couldn't resist this black set. 

Kooky is wearing:
Outfit - Concrete Flowers Swag! outfit
Mouth accessory - Somethin' in your mouth - Hooked
Boots - DV8+ Deathrock Candy Kitteh Boots
Tail - +DV8+ Deathrock Kitteh Tail
Hair - Truth Isle Espresso
Eyes - Ibanez ColorGlow Eyes - Fangorn
Skin - *League* Taylor Sunkiss -Feline- Frex

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