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Monday, 27 June 2011

A horse a horse - a stable for ... NEW reBourne Prefab

Showing 'Colorado, Garden of the Gods', the new reBourne Prefab horse stables, which will be released at 4 pm SLT today (Sunday 26 June) AND.... with a 50% discount for the first 24 hrs ! 

I had the privilege to look around and take pictures of the stables and the horses while Danny and Suite were still busy finishing this awesome place.
And it sure is an awesome place. 
Next to the stables and the field there is a hayloft with lots of fun animations. Curious, wanna see with your own eyes? Here is your taxi

spot the wooden horse it's called Rex and a private joke of Danny

Danny and Suite decided stables need horses. Soooo they started to breed their own. Of course there are various places in SL you can purchase horses from, including reBourne ;-)  

Some tech details:

skybox and ground versions are included in rezzer box.
Price: 7500L$
Footprint: 50m x 50m x 50m
Furniture is not included. Furniture is set individually set for sale. A fatpack is available at a discount.

The stable will hold 13 horses, 26 if a stall is shared.
Field would realistically hold 10, however if you are not worried about the RSPCA coming over, you can stuff it with 84
Humane maximum - 23
Animal rights field day - 110

Dikke kus

Thanks Danny and Suite for having me around this afternoon!