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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Vita's Boudoir - Poppy dress

This morning I visited Vita's Boudoir, I love Vita's dresses: to me she's more an artist than a designer. A very creative person indeed. There are so many lovely dresses at her Boudoir that it's hard to choose, however I had some help ;-)

I will start with the lovely Poppy dress, a super warm colour red that has a skirt that really swirls around the pixel body. Look at the poppies how well they are made you can count the stamens. The finishing touch: a poppy for a hat.

Furthermore, showing the new VIP Group Gift of Elikatira called 'Again 2' in blonde 11.  It's a hairstyle that will be released soon, but I received as a VIP 5 colors of this nice hair, yeah!  
This gift will only be available for 14 days (the amount of time it remains in notices).  After that, it will not be handed out so Elikatira VIP's don't forget to grab it ;-)

Dikke kus

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