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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Curious socks

Kalia hair 

Leilani hair

After 2 days away from SL I found so many new items in my inventory awaiting to be blogged. Arghhh work to be done ;-) 
Well cannot do all at once, but did want to show you the two lovely new Truth hairs of this week: 
Kalia (shown in ginger) and Leilani (shown in fudge). Yeah I decided to change my usual Truth hair color (red) for a change.
Both hairs come including a flower, but I am not so 'flowerish' this evening.  

Furthermore I am wearing TrendStyle's June Group Gift outfit; relaxed in grey.

And my newly acquired +Curious+ Dot socks in khaki as they go super with the grey Trendstyle outfit and the Deco heels. I accidently found the cute little +Curious+ shop where I almost stumbled over these socks and couldn't resist buying them in red and khaki.
I adore socks in general and these are so cute!

Dikke kus

Thanks for the designers for their bloggers review items

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