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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Retro me

I combined a few new items I gathered over the last days. Especially the hat made me look retro, so retro it had to be. Cath showed me a sim with this awesome pink cruiser ('hoerensloep' in Dutch ... big smile).

IREN Willow skin from TFG no 11   NEW
Ibizarre Lazy Sunday Cache-Coeur with Floral Soul Blossoms bra   NEW
Eclectica Manhattan (hatpin, necklace and earrings) and Eclectica Cloche Hat, which comes with hair and is tintable; the hat, the band as well as the hair (bloggers review items)

The couple in the car are my dear friends Petrov and Cath 
Thx so much sweeties for your patience and time!

I combined this new stuff with the following items from my wardrobe:
Shine Romance/skirt
League Wanderer Bracelets
Bandit Diamond Tornado ring
Maitreya Gold - Shanti eggplant
Artilleri Gladys glasses - former GG 

Cath and me on the hood. Cath is wearing a dress of CP (Cath & Petrov) Design; in other words she made it herself (smart girl)

Dikke kus

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