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Monday, 6 June 2011

Shopping at Ronsem


Ronsem, I love this little shop, nice clothes for a good price. I hadn't been there for a while. This evening, however, I was inspired by my friend Ake her blog; I really liked that Ronsem short she was wearing. I just had to have it and... of course I couldn't resist this awesome jacket. I love the collar and loose tie, nice pattern and texture. 
Fabio bought the hoodie in grey. /Me wonders if we are a Ronsem couple now... arghhh

aww he surprised me with this customized tattoo - fun!

Dido is wearing:
RONSEM Hot pants in dark blue
RONSEM tailored jacket (comes in male and female) 
Blowpop Seamed Fishnet tights ripped in black
BodyCult sculpted belt Kylie
Roars gloves black
Chikka Design Mafiatop dark grey
LouLou&Co bracelet crepuscule
HoD Mercenary 3 strikes razors necklace
TSS darken eyebrow piercing
League Wanderer Bracelet wrist (4 strands)

Fabio is wearing:

RONSEM - Hoodie 2011 - Gray
Scars Design Pants Black
COCO - Homme Engineered Boots - Black
Skin Candy - custom name tattoo, by Tessa Madsen

Dikke kus

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