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Friday, 17 June 2011

Exhibition F & D - BDR Identity outfit

Yep that's me sitting on a RunoRuno noodle chair among the pictures at Gadget's Gallery Expo where Fabio and I have our first exhibition. Sooo dear readers all come and have a look around! I promiss it's worthwhile (well I hope ;-)
Here's your taxi to our exhibition.

wearing: the new BDR Identity outfit 

After returning Tuesday from my short holiday in Sardina I found this cute new BDR Identity outfit of my favorit designer Cameron Vasiliov in my inventory. Wow, I put it on and haven't changed clothes since ;-) 
It comes in many layers and options: two tops, jeans both with white and black lace. The glasses are part of the outfit too as are a pair of ballerina's, a tail, ears, pasties and the tattoo I am wearing with all the text. 

Dikke kus

Thanks Cameron for this awesome bloggers review item.

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