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Saturday 25 March 2023

Transcend Struggle by Yann Gyro, March 2023 exhibition @ Nitroglobus

Transcend Struggle by Yann Gyro, the March 2023 exhibition @ Nitroglobus

video made by Glasz DeCuir of the exhibition Transcend Struggle

When I saw Yann's installation at Aneli's I was immediately taken by his art. I invited him to have a look at my gallery and asked him if he was interested to exhibit @ Nitroglobus.
Yann's topic isn't easy; it deals with illness and death, but also gives sparks of hope for the future.
I am impressed by the dedication and precision of the 2D and 3D works, the scripting and the texturing made by Yann. He is such a talented person.
poster made by David Silence based on an image of Yann

POEM by the artist, which is also a description of he installation:

You faced the fear, when you heard the news
But I was here, and I saw you rise and choose
To find your power, and stand tall with grace
And embrace the challenge, with courage in your face

The journey is tough, but I'll always be near
To guide you with hope, and wipe away your tear
With love and strength, we'll conquer and transcend
And do what's needed, to heal and reach the end

The shadow holds a gift, I know it's true
I see it in you, as you become more bold and bright too
I'm here to support, as you face what's ahead
And grateful for the bond, that will never be shed

Resilience blooms, in the face of the fight
You won't be defeated, I'll stand by your side
I am your ally, with a heart to conquer
Resilience thrives, as we stand as one victor.

For my mother
Yann Gyro

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Want to see the exhibition Transcend Struggle by Yann Gyro with your own pixel eyes? Visit Nitroglobus gallery! The exhibition will be in place until 6 April.