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Wednesday 30 November 2011

Winter sweaters

Now that winter is near it's time to dress warm and comfy, so here we are both wearing our newly acquired C&P winter sweaters:

on Nitro the male one in black which includes a cute winter hat
on Dido the grey female one, which comes with 2(!) scarfs a red and a white one.
Wow these woolen sweaters are super nicely made and I luv the texture; so very 'winterish' and they come in many nice warm colors. If you are looking for a special color you can ask Cath and Petrov and they will deliver on demand. Hey, hey that's what I call service minded! 

Furthermore Dido is wearing:
Merry X-mas Gift 2009 Muffs of Bax Designs 
A Birdsong Webed silver rings; one on every finger - luv it!

Smooches to Cath and Petrov for the bloggers review items!
Here's your taxi to C&P Designs.  

smooth jazz sax and piano to relax - thx Fabio for url
dikke kus

Monday 28 November 2011


While visiting Daytime Dream (see former blog post) Nitro and I, we danced the tango; such a sexy dance. Mmm, well actually we jumped on dance balls that were stuck ^^, but hey makes no never mind I love this pose it's so intense. 

Anymore POE4 (Peace On Earth 4th Edition hunt) outfit (simpel but sooo sexy)
Dutch Touch JoLiE V2 cream - Smokey
Elikateria (E) Early - Blonde 11 (VIP collection)
G*Field Strap shoes Alex - red
Angelic tatoo Freedom
Miel Lish necklace (last Friday FLF)
Addiction necklaces Double Heart and Forget You Not Locket

dikke kus

Nuria & Domina at Daytime Dreams

aDiva Nuria outfit 

Matrioska Domina skin and too funny Le Poppycock Lucky Leopard glasses 

Yesterday Nitro took me to Daytime Dreams. Wow what a place ... and I didn't even see all of it. Definitely a place to take tons of pictures, which I did. Wearing a carefully combined outfit consisting of: 

A Birdsong Webed silver rings (on every finger wow luv them!) - NEW
Matrioska Doll skins Domina (with black lips and teeth) - NEW
Addiction necklaces Double Heart & Forget You Not Locket (wow this one is super nice you can put the picture of you loved one inside)  - NEW
aDiva couture Nuria outfit Thanksgivings Gift - NEW
Le Poppycock glasses Lucky Leopard (too cute) - NEW 
Truth hair Blair (26 November release) in quince - NEW

From my closet:
Miel Lish necklace (last Friday FLF)
Angelic tattoo Freedom
Poetic Colors Moon eyes - lavender
G*Field Strap Shoes Alex - red
LouLou&Co crepuscule gloves and bracelet

Daytime Dreams sim - worth a visit for sure!

Nitro and I, we loved the Daytime Dreams sim and with all that blood around he couldn't resist killing me. Pfff must have been those glasses lol that triggered him ^^

dikke kus

Sunday 27 November 2011

who will take me skating?

Paris Metro Cashmere Skating outfit - luv it!

I wanted to blog this supa blue cashmere skating outfit of Paris Metro coz it's so nicely made. I love the textures and the deep blue color. 
But hey who is going to take me skating? 

detailed photo of Miel Lish necklace - WOW!

what a cute hood  

Miel Lish necklace, scripted so you can adjust the color of the beads and the lace. Wow, really awesome this necklace, I luv it! FLF item - NEW
Paris Metro Couture Cashmere Skating outfit in navy (so nicely made and those textures!)  - NEW

From my closet:
Maitreya Dune boots in royal (dark blue)
LouLou&Co crepuscule gloves and bracelet
Magika hair Nayla - red

dikke kus

A Tribute to Iki and Dutch Touch

DT skin JoLiE V2 Cream - Smokey

Yesterday evening my friend Kooky told me DT (Dutch Touch) will be closing. Arghhh that news hurted coz I've always loved that shop soooo much, hey it's part of me, of my SL. More than four years ago I bought my first outfit and moreover my first skin there. 
I've always loved Iki her skins, they are so well made and so sensual; not only a great face but also a super ass, belly and legs! 
So a tribute to Iki Ikarus the designer/owner of Dutch Touch! 

DT PiPPi (I have this outfit > 4 yrs) 

DT PiPPi outfit. After so many years I still love it. Look at those textures ... awesome!
DT JoLiE skin V2 Cream - Smokey. I bought this skin yesterday for only 250 L$! 
Many skins are discounted now; no idea how long the shop will stay open (see Iki her message at the bottom of this blog post).
Miel Lish necklace (last FLF item) - NEW

From my closet:
LouLou&Co Crepuscule gloves and bracelet
YS&YS Freckles tattoo layer
Fri.day hair Deena - scornful red
Poetic Colors Moon eyes - lavender
DRD looseboots

the other side of PiPPi
Iki wrote on her blog

I 'll give up

I cannot fight all these 'Frankestein-skins' any longer that uses bits and pieces of my work without my permission all over again and again and again,...
It feels like competing myself.
Thank you to all who supported me over the years, the first few years building up DUTCH TOUCH were amazing and I will cherish this for ever!
Love to you all!!! (and the finger to the thieves)
DUTCH TOUCH will be open as long as I can afford to pay the monthly tiers. For clientsupport I'll be available at: iki@dutch-touch.com
posted by Iki Ikarus at 12:41 PM on Nov 22, 2011

So sad, I secretly hope for a miracle that will make Iki change her mind. 
But, if she won't I like to thank her for all the awesome skins and clothes she made over the past years!
dikke kus

Friday 25 November 2011

Walk in the Park

I must admit it was a bit cold and I was shivering when doing this photo shoot in the snow yesterday evening. Initially I wanted to name this blog post '50 words for snow', named after the new cd of Kate Bush, but I couldn't find a decent Youtube movie to enclose, sooo 'Walk in the Park' it is; i.e. the name of the cute Pig undies I am wearing. 
The lovely striped shawl is a groupgift of BoHo HoBo, wow those colours. Join her group (no entrance fee) and do look around in her nice shop. 
Furthermore, I am wearing the bloody knee tattoo layer of Anymore ... going through the blogs last week it seems almost everybody stumbled and hurted their knees ^^
The cute belly piercing is also new and comes from Scrub.
Oh and those nice red boots are a part of the BDR outfit 'Baby It's Cold Outside', which I blogged a few days ago (luv them!)

Meena striped Afghan shawl - NEW from BoHo HoBo present Meena GG
Pig Walk in the Park Sweetness (undies) - NEW
Anymore bloody knee tattoo layer  NEW
Scrub black butterfly belly piercing - NEW
BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) Baby It's Cold Outside red boots
LouLou&Co crepuscule gloves and bracelet
Finesmith Moroccan bracelet
Redmint skin Pale no. 07 Prime.Freckles
Angelic tattoo Freedom
Truth  Kendall with roots - quince
Both poses used are of course from DM

dikke kus

A big hug to all the designers for their Bloggers Review items!

Thursday 24 November 2011

Putin's kiss & four horsemen

Today something completely different; the title of this post refers to an intriguing documentary film I saw yesterday at the IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam). I spent a day watching several screenings, but Putin's kiss was definitely my favorit! 
Very impressive story about Marsha a 19-year-old girl in nowadays Russia who is already a Nashi commissar and spokesperson. She is ambitious and in no time she progressed to the very top of the organization, becoming the protégé of Russia's Minister of Youth. Up for election within Nashi Marsha loses to a candidate whose program is called “fighting the enemies of Russia,” and starts questioning her role in the movement by flirting with the opposition. Marsha soon get in trouble when “unknown perpetrators” attack the opposition leader Oleg Kashin, beating him almost to death.
After the screening there was a Q&A session with the director, Lise Birk Pedersen and Oleg Kashin, journalist/blogger and one of the characters in the documentary. Wow impressive.

I include the trailer. If you have the opportunity go and see it, you won't regret!

Another screening and also very impressing was 'Four Horsemen' by Ross Ashcroft. I give you the trailer and the synopsis of this documentary too. 

We find ourselves in the era of consequences. The Western empire is showing signs of wear and tear, and the time has come for a thorough and close examination of neo-capitalism. Rather than condemning bankers, politicians, or the media, this film puts the entire system up for discussion. In a little over 90 minutes, 23 of the world's most important thinkers share their opinions on contemporary capitalism. We encounter a surprisingly large number of puzzling issues along the way. The documentary draws to a close with surprisingly simple solutions for reversing the deplorable state of our world; as the ecologist Satish Kumar says, "What is created by humans, can be changed by humans."

Yeah I know this has nothing to do with SL fashion, but hey sometimes RL stuff needs attention too and certainly the themes of both these documentaries. So enjoy ^^

Wearing two NEW items:
Skin: Skintimate Andrea caramel GG
Hair: Salon de GLOW feat.Halcali nano in light blonde
Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items!

dikke kus

Wednesday 23 November 2011

Winter in SL

Yeah it's winter again in SL and of course I went skating. This time at Calas Galadhon, a large nice winter landscape sim. I luv skating: I never forget the first time I did in SL, which was at the Red Square in Moscow made me smile all the time. So much fun. 

Wearing a NEW outfit of BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) called 'Baby It's Cold Outside' in red (comes in many colours); jacket, pants and boots. Not showing the cute earmuff coz it disappeared into my hair argh. I truly love the jacket and boots .... they are so warm ^^
Furthermore wearing the other NEW Truth hair of this week called Clara in quince. 

From my closet:
SMS Free winter striped scarf and gloves. 

dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items!

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Dancing the night away

Wanna share these new items with you coz I like them, however I spend toooo much time dancing this evening so not much time left for blogging. Let my pictures tell the story ^^

Vextra Fashion Hollywood dress no. 8. The dress comes in many different colours and patterns, but I really love this one.  NEW
CoLLisions Mirari's Wedding tattoo (many layers)   NEW
Truth Janice w/roots in clove  NEW (one of the 2 new Truth hairs of this week)
SF Design Sunday lace gloves (Vintage fair gift)
Sn@tch Rose Cameo necklace (Vintage fair gift)

From my closet:
Maitreya Gold - IXkin champagne - duo shoes

dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their gifts/bloggers review items! 
For them a song ^^

The Prodigy - Medusa’s Path

Sunday 20 November 2011

Second home in Second life

Wow I adore this outfit consisting of the awesome Miamai VIP groupgift Linda in back. Miamai is celebrating it's renewed Mainstore and has lots of new items making the trip interesting. Here's your taxi.

I combined Linda with the super cute short jacket in black from Halcali (also comes in gold, silver and white) and the really awesome WOot brown waist belt feather. Using  two new poses of Del May called 'Can't reach toes' & 'Gifted' (adore her poses).
Pics taken at my second home at Second Life, a small beach hut with a superb view over the vast ocean; luv it! Thx Nitro ^^

Halcali short jacket black
Miamai Linda black VIP GroupGift 
WOot waist belt feather
DM (Del May) poses

From my closet:
BAX ankle boots black suede
Miel CHUM bracelet
aDiva couture Mio breacelet 
redMint skin pale no 07 PRIME freckles
Magika hair Nayla red
PC eyes Moon - lavender

dikke kus

Mmmm, too nice to throw away this photo .. sooo here's another awesome pose of Del May called 'Gifted' (actually it's a male pose ^^) well just wanted to show you!

Friday 18 November 2011

Chocolat a Feast

I have an inspiration dip I guess. Mmmm, sorry sweeties. I received this cute Chocolate gown which consist of many sculpted items and a skirt layer, which I didn't like, coz I just don't like skirt layers most of the time ^^, but this dress is cute; it's from Paris Metro, a store I love coz they make nice dresses sooo I had to show you ^^. 

Paris Metro Feast - Chocolate gown  ... NEW !!!
MoonDance square long reverse french marbalized (nails)  NEW

From my closet:
redMint skin Pale no 7 Prime.Frk
PC eyes Moon - lavender
Truth hair Shari w/Roots - champagne

dikke kus

Thx to the designers for their bloggers review items!

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Somebody that I used to know

Aww I am totally in love with this song (the text, the tension, so super sexy and awesome text!) I cannot help myself I simply HAVE to share ^^

And after listening to it I will tell you about new stuff I like to share too (big smile).

supa cute Birdy owl necklace

Anymore mini skirt in yellow and top apple; hey hey luv it! And... it comes in a lot more bright colors - NEW
the other NEW Truth hair of this week called Faith (showing Champagne w/roots)
Birdy i heart owls necklace (couldn't resist to buy at her lovely little shop!)

From my closet:
Randomocity boxing tape gloves lt yellow
redMint skin Pale no. 07 Prime, FRK
Miel Chum necklace and bracelet
Angelic Tattoo - Freedom
PC eyes Moon - lavender

Dikke kus

Sora from Egoisme

I had seen the announcements and posters and was eager to know how this new skin would look on Dido. Sooo here I am presenting you my version of Sora from Egoisme, their new female Evian skin. I am wearing the pale no eyebrows option, combined with Evian vividtone Sora - eyesbrows cleavage layer (made more light by me). 
Yep, that's so nice about Vividtonea new technique made to enhance the skin tone without the loss of detail. Vividtone is a tattoo layer. Here's what you do: you go into appearance mode, select the tattoo layer, click on color and use the slide to choose the desired color. Easy like that. 

I changed my Dido shape, coz the Sora lips are in my view enormous, but hey I am not a big sulky lips fan ^^. Sora is a far more mature skin and I must admit I really have to get used to it. It sure is different and that's nice, coz although everybody has a different shape it's fun to wear a skin that isn't mainstream.

Wow Mina is productive these days coz here's another of her hairs; this one is called Michelle and exclusively made for the Black Market collection (wearing DR06 and same MINA TKO hairbase). Not available in her mainstore but ONLY at The Black Market; a location where you can get great deals from all your fav stores at the same time, in one place. The Black Market will be open to the public starting November 13th!

[Penned] by  Pennelope Thiessam sent me a bloggers review pack containing a  blazer and a fatpack of tanks (wearing brown in the picture). I like the texture of the blazer, although the total picture is a bit dull. The tank again has nice texture and comes in many colours and in all layers.

Phew lot of text today. 
dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items!

Monday 14 November 2011

Just another hectic Monday

Not much to say except that's it another hectic Monday. 
I took some fasts shots yesterday evening late, which I think are not supa, but which I do wanna post coz the items shown are soooooo NEW and worthwhile blogging.

Beauty Code earrings wow they are really nice! (thx so much Fabio for editing kisssss!)

Beauty Code pearl earrings Silver (they also come in gold) NEW
Addiction Radiance Pearl Necklace  NEW, which makes a great set with the Addiction Radiance pearl earrings I blogged earlier this month. Luv it!
aDiva couture Erin Sweaterskirt Silverwhite  NEW
Anymore low rise pants grey  NEW
Essences Dharma skin for VF 2011

Truth Addison Streaked with Roots quince - one of this weeks NEW Truth hairs.  Addison comes in many different options: streaks and/or roots as well as separate upper and lower parts, which are great when taking photos. Yeah, another supa Truth hair, wow that guy never stops ^^

dikke kus

Thx to the designers for their bloggers review items!

a matching song 

Sunday 13 November 2011

Grey Essences

Essences top in grey (comes in many colors)

And yet another skin pffff but hey this one is gorgeous! It's the Essences Dharma skin for this years Vintage Fair. Wow love the glossy lips and the tone. Yeah this wil become one of my favs for sure. I combined it with YS&YS freckles tattoo layer (cannot help it but I adore freckles).

The Essences grey Crocchette shirt comes in different layers and colours. I like it, nice texture and easy to combine. Btw it's also for the Vintage fair. I tried to get there this evening but pfff impossible; guess I wasn't the only one trying. Well still enough time left to visit the fair as it will be on for a while.

Koketka Frenzy boots 
Koketka Frenzy boots - grey   NEW
Essences Crochette shirt - grey and Essences Dharma skin both for the Vintage Fair  NEW  
aDiva Mio bracelet, earrings, necklace and miniskirt
FineSmith jewelry moroccan bracelet silver
[e]Early - blonde11 hair 
LouLou&Co gloves crepuscule
PC eyes Moon- lavender
Angelic Tattoo Freedom in black&white
YS&YS freckles tattoo layer

Dikke kus

Thx to the designers for their bloggers review items!

Friday 11 November 2011


More my style this aDiva couture outfit called Mio, consisting of lace blouse, mini skirt, gartered thighs, necklace, earrings and bracelets. Only showing you the necklace, although the earrings and the bracelet are gorgeous toooo.

Mio necklace

this dress has a nice back too ^ ^ (pose by Del May)

In the picture above I wear the NEW Elikateria hair [e] Early - blonde 11 (VIP collection). Luv it and it's soooo easy when doing a photo shoot.

bracelet Moroccan

However, I opted to show you the two gorgeous Finesmith bracelets (Moroccan and Athena). Wow love them, they also come in other precious metals like gold and copper, but me hey I prefer silver RL as well as SL.

bracelet Athena 

From my closet:
G*Field short Lace-up boots - black
redMint pale skin no. 7 (1)
Truth hair Valeska streaked with roots in pumpkin
Angelic tattoo Freedom 

Have a great weekend!
dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for these awesome bloggers review items!

Decent Fiona

Showing you something totally different and not regular 'Dido style' but hey a girl needs to change now and then ... ahum ^^
It's the G&N Quality Design Fiona outfit (skirt, shawl and blouse) - NEW
Well I must say this outfit makes me feel very decent and mature, so I asked Nitro to wear something to fit into the picture. He did and is wearing the Ronsem cardigan grey. 

Furthermore wearing Truth Valeska hair streaked with roots in pumpkin. This is one of the new Truth hairs of the past week ... yeah, time flies when you're having fun.

dikke kus

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Freckles and more

Phew not easy to find a theme today, so I combined a lot of NEW items I really really like and molded them into this post. It's about shiny red (one of my fav RL and SL colors), freckles, fluffly hair, a bird singing and more ^^

Anymore bodysuit Glam Red (also available in Purple and Black)  NEW
I love this fierce red shiny bodysuit, lovely color and design. A nifty piece in my SL wardrobe.  
Another new item is A Birdsong Ishtar flower ring and necklace (comes in two lengths). Wow, this is a set I really like coz it's easy to wear with many styles and... no bling bling ^^
Furthermore, wearing a new skin; yeah I know I have too many already, but pffff couldn't resist buying this one at the 50% SALES going on right now at RedMint (r)M. It's the Pale skin no. 7 (1) Prime with lots of freckles.
Last but not least and NEW too; one of this weeks Truth hairs called Shari in champagne. Wow this one is so fluffy and soft, luv it!

And using Juxtaposes - Handy Dandy (NEW)

From my closet:
LouLou&Co Crepuscule bracelets
R.icielli eyeshadow 04/01 (from the Roxy outfit folder)
PC Moon eyes in lavender
League Wanderer black bracelets
B.Nuts star lip piercing
TSS darken eyebrow piercing
Angelic tattoo Freedom

Dikke kus

A sincere thx to the designers for their bloggers review items.

Monday 7 November 2011

Green mood

ABS skin AMY

Mmm, definitely in a green mood this evening. Inspired by the cute green owl sweater, which I bought this evening at TFG (The Fashion Garret) and combined with new MINA Elfje hair and ABS AMY skin with green eyeshadow. 
Although generally I am not into make-ups, but more 'natural' girl, I do like this look.

Dikke kus
u.f.o. Chibi baka owl sweater 


u.f.o. Chibi baka owl sweater (NEW; I bought this evening at the TFG)
Addiction Radiance Pearl earrings (NEW)
ABS skin AMY tan3 (pack contains several make-ups in pale and tan)
J&J Lace mini bow top hat - black/red (NEW)
Mina hair Elfje, including hairbase DR05 (dark red ^^) (NEW)

Thx to the designers for their bloggers review items

MINA hair Elfje

Addiction Radiance Pearl earring