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aanhef blog

Friday 28 January 2011

Hey it's me

Yep I bought new skin, mm long time ago that I bought expensive skin, but I really like this one. So after ample consideration I bought the LAQ Vilda glow skin in fair and bought this red hair at eLasting to go with it. 
Dikke kus

LAQ Vilda Fair Glow skin no. 10 which is my fav at the moment
[e]Lasting 2 hair - Red 07
Erratic cuff Silver GG

From my closet:
XTC Shirley gloves 
Kosh bendy nail bracelet
Ellabella Whispers of Love lippiercing
GothiCatz Darksider jacket
NS Rock'n'Roll Gang Bang chain 
Kanival 86.Grunge Mania tattoo

Thursday 27 January 2011

XTC and Opium

Wearing the Rezzday gift of my SL sister Mysti; the Opium Casual Clubber female R/B outfit, which includes a sexy shirt with super wrinkles, jeans with 2 different pair of cuffs AND a pair of super nice brown shortheel boots. I love it. Thanks and hugs Mysti!

Furthermore, I received the XTC Body-Special Gift this evening; a skin called Jessica (wearing honey) and combined it with another exclusive Group Gift: Modavia's Miamai DarkEyes makeup (wearing resp. no. 07 and no. 3 of a pack of 8)
Dikke kus

From my closet:
Clawtooth Twinkle Toast - Soil
XTC Shirley lace gloves and bracelet
Kosh Bendy nail bracelet
Ellabella Whispers of Love lippiercing
Poetic Color eyes Easter Lilac
Plastik Voices Tattoo Mid

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Nude me

Pfff it seems nude pics still score, sooo lets show you five awesome skins I bought lately. Nude Dido all of me, so watch closely and compare details ;-) btw I like them all.
Dikke kus
 AMD Brielle Peach skin with tattoo layer Cleavage enhancer1 (25 L$)
Belleza Erika Med GG
Glam Affair - Castalia skin natural night TDR
AtomicBambi NOORI sunblush 
LAQ Vilda Xmas gift Fair glow skin (blonde)

Truth hair Tegan 2 Streaked - champagne   NEW
Poetic Color Easter Lilac eyes
Kosh Bendy nail bracelet
Ellabella whispers of love lippiercing
XTC Shirley lace gloves and bracelet

Sunday 23 January 2011

Cat skirt

Uber cute the cat skirt of The Secret Store  NEW

Hey it's my REZZ DAY

close up of the new Truth hair that also comes with a black hat

Yep today 23 January is my rezz day and I am 4 yrs old ... arghhhhhh

Truth Tegan hair streaked - cranberry  NEW
LAQ Vilda Xmas gift Fair glow skin
The Secret Store - Pretty Poppy dress  NEW
Maitreya Dune boots royal blue
YS & YS Freckles Add tatoo layer 
Poetic Color eyes Easter lilac
Naive Vixie socks blue
Mandala Bangle Buddha blue
XTC Shirley gloves

Dikke kus

Wednesday 19 January 2011


CapCat Ragu built together with Meilo Minotaur this awesome sim called Delicatessen, which is worth exploring. I loved it; enchanting, quiet and very relaxing. I loved the zennnnnn poseball that made me float around.

The sim consists of many small islands floating in the sky or in the water. Every island is different and exciting, some also have amazing pose balls. 
Curious? Here is your taxi to Delicatessen.

Thanks Matt for showing me!
Dikke kus 

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Tilda and Yolanda in Hucci nude bodysuit

Wearing the new HH Huci Circulo Bodysuit - Nude (LeLook exclusive) and showing you two new Truth hairs: Yolanda and Tilda.


Yolanda comes in many options: normal meaning once piece of hair, streaked upper part, separate bangs and a folder with split attachments. But wow I love it and of course their is a scripted menu to change the colour of the bands in the lower part.

Tilda is lovely flex hair; i.e. a totally different style. It comes also with a streaked option as well as a color changing clip.

Dikke kus

Sunday 16 January 2011


Noah and me

Noah is a friend and a man from Gor. Well at least he proves Gorean guys can be good looking.

He tp-ed me to the village of Minus, located at the docks. Basically village life is what is roleplayed there. There are guards of Treve, free women, peasants and slaves. Within the village, there is often a lot of roleplay going on. It's a BTB (by the book) sim. 

I found out what I already know that I am a lazy and stubborn girl and not fit for Gorean RP I guess, but I did have fun and took this awesome shot of Noah and me. Nice avi and great person he is (big smile).
Dikke kus

Noah is wearing:
Outfit: The Mercenary (QD)...vk...
Boots: [DW] Crusader Armour (Black)
Shoulderpiece: .:Gspot:. Kurii Hunter (1fix)
Skin: Bad@zz - Skin - The Notorious - 20, beard
Hair: Kin-Kasey-[Black]
Eye patch: .:.Gspot.:. Eyepatch

Someone like you

Thanks Kooky for being there! Love you muchly.
Dikke kus

Glam Affair Castalia skin natural Night - The Dressing Room (70 L$) NEW
Glow Folk Forest earrings - The Dressing Room NEW

I'll find someone like you 
I wish nothing but the best 
for you too 
don't forget me 
I beg 
You'll remember I said 
sometimes it lasts in love 
but sometimes it hurts instead 



Thursday 13 January 2011

Xen store - awesome skyboxes!

the kitchen

the 'living room'

In general I prefer living on 'solid' ground (in my case a trophical island) above skyboxes, but when Chris invited me to his newly acquired home this week I was impressed when he showed me around his 'space ship'. I loved it all: the stained tiles, the aquarium, the light, the sound of hissing steam at the entrance, the rusty walls and pipes. I was speachless about so much perfection and detail.
Chris told me this was the work of Xenius Revere. After my extensive tour around his home, he took me to the shop where he had bought his skybox: Xen store

Xen store is relatively new and at this moment there are 3 skyboxes for sale. Chris told me he expects there will be a lot more in due time. The shop itself is fun, there is furniture, a dollhouse and you can tp inside all 3 skyboxes. 
If you are interested in creating content yourself using Maya you can follow a training at the Xeniversity.

Canal St skybox

Knowing Matt adores skyboxes I took him to 'Canal St', wich has an urban look and feel. This skybox gives you a choice of several window views and different wall textures (showing the rough wall texture). Wow and the light is super with the shadows on the wooden floor. 

Interested? Want to know more about prims, prices etc. Visit the store. 
Dikke kus

Wednesday 12 January 2011

Jump from the Tour Eiffel

Skating track under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. 

With whom better to explore Paris than an English speaking Frenchman and above that one who lived in Paris for years? Chris and me we had great fun climbing the Eiffel Tower to the upper platform and jumping down with/without a chute. Afterwards we skated on the small track at the foot of the tower, listened to the chatter and giggles of a group of young Americans.  

We both took several pictures of the enchanting sim, Chris took out his professional camera. I hope to give you an impression of the place. Interested?  
Here is your taxi to the Eiffel Tower in Paris
Dikke kus

 professional photographer Chris

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Morrocan Xenobia

Wearing new Finesmith jewelry: the Xenobia necklace, earrings and ring, which can be bought separately and all come with an extensive color-changeable (silver, gold and various types of stones) and resizable menu.  

Also wearing the latest (blue) Poetic Color freebie eyes: Morrocan nights, which come in two shade, light and dark. I like them, but hey I am a fan of Lano Ling and like all his eyes.  
Taxi to Finesmith  
Taxi to Poetic Color
Dikke kus

Monday 10 January 2011


My friend Kooky told me about this cute little shop called Smushyface of Umeki Yokosuka, a friend of Kooky. I tp-ed to the shop and met Umeki, a lovely person and soooo creative. I liked the textures of her clothes immediately, super wrinkles and all very sexy. 
There are not many items in the store yet; mostly tops, undies, a few dresses and 1 pair of jeans, but all are nicely made.
Showing you 4 items:

 Dirty Lime tiny rib tank (comes in many colors and prints)
Rockabilly blue stripes top
Purple and black skulls lingerie set
 Vintage Halloween party dress (love the way the skirt swings around my pixel body)
I received the dress of Umeki for blogging purposes. Smooches sweetie ;-) 
Taxi to Smushyface

Hair: Truth Tatum cranberry
Skin: Natural Beauty Queen faire cleavage (groupgift)
Freckles tattoo layer YS&YS
Plastik Friendship Twist-Brat (bracelet)

Dikke kus

Saturday 8 January 2011

Tatum and Pepper (new Truth hair)

Yeah three new Truth hairs this week and wow I am totally in love with Tatum. Showing you also Pepper both in champagne color. The colors of the hairband/rose of Pepper and the beret of Tatum are of course menu driven ;-)


Dikke kus

Thanks Truth for the bloggers review pack!

Friday 7 January 2011

Neko me

Meeting Kooky who has a super Neko avi inspired me and as she showed me many awesome Neko shops, I decided to blog Dido as a Neko. Thanks so much Kooky luv yah! So here I am looking and feeling very Neko ;-)

I want to mention the super Neko Oracul Cibi Neko AO. Kooky showed me the shop (Japanese), which is not expensive and has super cute AO's (not only Neko). 

K&L Crimson kitty outfit which comes with tail, ears, outfit, paws, necklace 
Truth hair Mariska in cranberry
Glam Affair Eva skin, winter make-up


Post Xmas Plastik and more

Last nite after unpacking the Xmas gift of Plastik (yeah I know I'm a bit late), but wow what a shower of gifts: several dresses, Lionheart skins in many many colours including elven ears and eyes, Tees (female and male), bracelets, mouth stars and the Project Themeology Snowflake outfit, which comes in many many layers. Thanks Aikea for the awesome gift!!! Took me some time to unpack and arrange all items. I decided to blog some and started to set up the studio when Matt arrived.

I changed my plans and asked him to join me in the studio. Matt did a total makeover lately: new skin, several new hairstyles, clothes and a pair of super COCO boots. So I decided to combine his new look with my Plastik Xmas gift.

I was really inspired yesterday; could not stop taking pics. Matt asked me to shoot new profile pics of his avi. Wow I love the result, Matt too as he immediately placed several into his profile.

Wishing you a nice weekend!
Dikke kus

Matt is wearing:
Skin: DNA Damien type 2 hair eyeliner
Poetic Color eyes dark wood
Dura-Boy Hair 05 (Dark Brown)
Sweater: Ronsem Crash Knit
Pants: LeLutka-cargo pants/black
COCO EngineerBoots (Brown)
Nose Ring: [-B-] :Basic Piercings: - Septum
Facial Hairs tattoo layer: Antebellum - MDCCCXCVII 
Necklace: Rusty choker 2

Dido is wearing:
From the Plastik Xmas giftbox:
Lionheart Fable Ice Queen skin, inclusive facial tattoo layer Soul Ink-Pierrot and Elven ears  Project Themeory Snowflake outfit
Ommon tiny snowflake (in mouth)
Friendship Twist-Brat (bracelet)
Truth hair Mariska in cranberry
Poetic Color Eyes Easter Lilac
Surf Couture Elsa Boots white
TSS Darken eyebrow piercing

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Eva and Claire at TDR

Wow I really love these two skins; respectively Glam Affairs Eva skin with winter make-up and Tuli's Claire fair skin, both available at TDR (The Dressing Room) at this moment. I couldn't resist the package of several white items of R.icielli either, containing many of my favourite designs; i.e. the awesome Misseling jacket, the Larissa minitop and the Barbbara dress.
Also showing one of the latest Truth hairs; Mariska in cranberry.


Furthermore wearing the YS&YS freckles layer on both skins and
TSS Darken eyebrow piercing, B.Nuts star lip piercing and Poetic Color eyes Easter Lilac.

Dikke kus

PS thanks Michiel for the LM