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Saturday 15 October 2016

The gallery moved: Nitroglobus Hall became Nitroglobus Roof Gallery

Two weeks ago I suddenly had to move Nitroglobus Hall to another place on the grid, because Joa, my dear friend and the owner of the sim where Nitroglobus Hall was situated high up into the sky, no longer could pay. All this happened within a very short while. So, you can imagine lots of stress and hard work. 

The new gallery is called Nitroglobus Roof Gallery and it's located above my SL home at Sunshine Homesteads. Here's your taxi

All the works of the exhibition 'Awakening' by Natalia Seranade were moved too and will be on the walls of Nitroglobus Roof Gallery till the end of October.

Let me tell you something about her exhibition and moreover show you some photos, which I made of the gallery featuring Natalia's works.


Bringing street photography into Second Life, Natalia captures chance encounters, random incidents and morphs them, using Photoshop, into works of art.

"I am grabbing things that appear in front of me, moments and sensations. I keep them as treasures, which are open in moments when I want to color the silence.
When my imagination and fantasies are flying, I mix the collected stuff with new things that appear in the moment, I never know what can appear, and I never know what will be the result. I am in another world where I am able to find what was unknown to my eyes... "

This exhibition 'Awakening' shows concepts and situations of a process of awakening and awareness...
Why is my reflection someone I do not know?


Hope to cu all at my new gallery: Nitroglobus Roof Gallery.
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