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Tuesday 31 July 2012

Welcome back Kellie!

Not really NEW is the Graffitiwear Brown X top; their June Subscriber Gift.  I have always liked these kind of wrapped tops.
In my mouth free XO mouth cherries (thx Gitu!)
Oh and I am wearing red nails YEAH finally I polished them ^^; wearing Hot Stuff don't Trust me Red nails (Vanity Fair exclusive item)

This lovely rigged mesh blazer in emerald is called Natalie and it's from Elate. Yep Kellie is back in SL. She mentions in her NC that she finished her chemo and her cancer is gone. Hurray that's super news! Hugs Kelly. 
This green blazer, last Friday's FLF item, is her first rigged mesh item, which comes in tweed as well as in green and white. It's lovely and fits my avi really well. Glad you are back Kelly, I bet there will follow many more Elate mesh items in the near future. 

From my closet:
AMD Atomic micro skirt with Vodoo belt
SEY N.B.scarf & necklace black
Elikateria abbey hair in red 04
The body co. Summer skin

Finally very very NEW are the Mayfly Liquid Light mesh eyes Rising Spring. Wow fierce green but I luv them!

dikke kus

Monday 30 July 2012

Zipped me up

NEW this Vextra Fashion sexy zipped leather mini dress in red. Nice texture and lovely design. 
Also NEW are the HS Classic Sandals I am wearing; they are part of the Fresh Style outfit of HS (Hot Stuff) exclusive for Vanity Fair.

The rest is all from my closet and coz I am lazy now I won't write it all down. If you wanna know please ask ^^

dikke kus

C&P Godess dress

Yesterday at the Opening party of Yoko at Nitroglobus Gallery my friend Cath was wearing an awesome see through dress. Very sexy indeed! She gave me a bloggers review copy of this C&P Godess black mesh dress, which comes in see through and normal edition. I am wearing (of course) the transparent one on the photo ^^. 

Furthermore wearing:
HS Black bangles & Floreal Tattoo (part of Gold&Dark outfit)  NEW
artMEfashion Summer hat 2012 black  NEW
League Sia Medium Bloom skin
Elikatira hair Abbey red 04
LoveCats Twilight thong
LouLou&Co Crepuscule gloves and Myrtil upper arm bracelet

dikke kus

Saturday 28 July 2012

The evening before the party

The evening before the opening party at Nitroglobus Gallery I took a photo of Yoko in front of her work.
Yoko is wearing a mesh kimono called AYANE in red by Sweetaholic

dikke kus

Friday 27 July 2012

Leilah harem pants

Harem girl:
Phew finally some time to blog fashion after being busy at Nitroglobus Gallery with the new exhibit of Yoko Ireto her Nudes. 

Wearing the ALB (Analee Balut) Dream Fashion mesh Leilah Harem pants, which come with a hud that allows you to change the texture. Awesome these pants I practically live in them; i.e. haven't taken them of since I bought them last Tuesday.
I combined the pants with my R.icielli LARISSA minitop coral2 to create a sort of harem girl outfit. Love it ^^

From my closet: 
Maitreya Gold shoes - Esprit Xtd Cherry
Scribble necklace Hemp & Glass beads red (former FLF item)
LouLou&Co gloves Crepuscule & upper arm bracelet Myrtil
Dark Mouse Panty Raid belly chain
D!va hair Tomoko2 type A Citrine (colarbor July 12)
Plastik Soul Ink Face Tattoo  Fire Breather GG
League Taylor Sunkiss BlackIce skin

dikke kus

Pose used: DM Miss ornamental

Monday 23 July 2012

August: Yoko Ireto at Nitroglobus Gallery

At the end of this week we are changing the collection in the main hall of Nitroglobus gallery: Yoko Ireto her nude photos will be in place during the month of August.

The opening party for Yoko will be this SATURDAY 28 July at 12.30 pm SLT (which is 21.30 hrs GMT+1). 

Looking forward to an awesome party with the music of not one but two DJ's!
Yeah, DJ Lexie will start at 21.30 hrs and take us till after 23.00 hrs when well known DJ Justininho takes over and lead us past midnite. Sooo party time it will be at Nitroglobus Gallery this Saturday!

You are all invited to join us, dance, dance and bid on an awesome nude photo of Yoko that will be up for auction. Yep, we will make this an evening to remember ^^
Here's your taxi to the gallery.

*** ## ***

With Yoko her nudes arriving at the gallery it means saying goodbye to PetsiKat. However, till this Thursday (26 July) afternoon you can still admire her work at Nitroglobus.

dikke kus

Saturday 21 July 2012

Wow look at my voluptuous cleavage

Wearing a newish skin from DS (Dulce Secrets) called Paityn (wearing Martini Voluptuous Cleavage Bikini). Paityn is available for only 55 L$ for one week beginning 19th July so hurry. Sorry that I am so late with blogging. Phew lol this is a cleavage indeed. 
Wearing Tulle lingerie in pink from Crazy.

NEW is this cute Poised Zoey texture changing mesh mini skirt (there is a hud with 8 different textures wow!) comes with 5 sheer tank tops in nice colors (wearing white). Very summerish indeed and just in time coz at last the sun is shining here RL!

Poses used: DM Floaty & Miss ornamental
Hair: [e] (Elikatira) Abbey (not new)

dikke kus

Friday 20 July 2012

Hair Fair at last

Clawtooth mesh hair

MINA hair

Hair from the Hair Fair:

MINA hair Anouk: a lot of non mesh hair that swings around your body
Anouk is long and wild and when I am not mistaken Mina named this hair after the famous Dutch rock singer Anouk ^^

The hair in the first photo is from Clawtooth and called 'Going Steady'. I am wearing the color with the cute name 'girl next door'. This is mesh hair and moves smoothly with my body a characteristic of mesh hair I truly love.

Outfit: MichaMi Lulu in brown
Slink womens natural barefeet mesh rigged
poses used: Elymode daydreaming at night

dikke kus

photos taken at Nitroglobus Labs my home

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Classy Janessa

Wow what a classy outfit this is! I am wearing the NEW AMD mesh Janessa dress (actually it's a skirt and a top) as well as new AMD Moderno earrings in black (they also come in gold). 
Makes me feel like a lady ^^ sooo I found a classy hat in my closet (the Couture hat of Black Moon - VanillaSolaDesign) to match the image.
This mesh skirt and top fit me purfect, great textures and a lovely design!

Furthermore from my closet:
LOULOU&Co Crepuscule gloves and bracelet as well as the Myrtil upper arm bracelet.
!SSD Frils bijou roulette princess necklace
Acide! Jam Grey piercing
BDR Write on Me Tattoo (part of outfit)
D!va hair Tomoko2 - Cat's eye (from Collabor88)
Plastik Aleksandra Beta skin Fawn & the makeup darker lips tattoo layer (former FLF) as well as the latest GG Soul Ink Face Tattoo Oedipus.
DT JoLiE V2 beautymarks Moles and Xtra freckles
Mayfly Deep sky mesh eyes Rainshower Shadow

Phew this classy lady is wearing a lot of items ^^
dikke kusDido

Pose used: ED (Eternal Dream) Womenstuff a bloggers review item. Thx!!!

London great Coldlogic mesh

Wearing the not so newish but really professionally made ColdLogic mesh dress London in plum; great fit, design and textures. I bought the red version a while ago and blogged it, but this color is awesome too.
Thx for Subscriber gift.

I must admit I visited the hair fair this morning but apart from the usual lag mmm not so impressed. Maybe that's coz I am totally in love at the moment with my cute D!va hair Tomoko2, which I bought at Collabor88. I will return to the hair fair later coz after all a girl cannot have enough hair!

Furthermore wearing:
HUSH Lily skin Natural Vanilla
Truth Kalle 2 w/Roots in mahogany with tintable hairband
Mayfly mesh eyes deep sky rainshower shadow
LouLou&Co gloves & bracelets Crepuscule (my old time fav) as well as their upper arm bracelet Myrtil.
Facial tattoo is Plastik Soul Ink Oedipus
Facial piercings Jam grey are from Acide
Body tattoo is from BDR 'write on me' and used to be part of an outfit

New is the pose I used: The Muse Poses - Eupharie. Thx for bloggers review gift! 
Phew am I detailed today ^^
dikke kus

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Three women

Visiting Art Screamer at Spirit a full sim installation by Claudia Jewell, inspired by Bosch, created with mesh and love.
I took this juxtapose of '3 women'

Oh and don't forget to watch the original photo hanging on the walls of  Nitroglobus Gallery ^^
With in the main hall the awesome photo series of arty sims of PetsiKat.

Cu there!

dikke kus

Neva River (Exploring Second Life)

All these photos were taken at Neva River, a sim open to the public and owned by Atteris Amarth & Neva Crystall, sim design by talented Wendy Xeno (owner of HuMaNoiD sim), interior design by Neva Crystall.
If you haven't visited yet, go and explore coz it's worthwhile for sure! I loved it muchly; a very inspiring and relaxing place. Hope you like the photos I took there. Showing you some.

Here's your taxi  
dikke kus

Saturday 14 July 2012

Nitroglobus Labs home of Nitroglobus Gallery

Nitro changed the name of our home sim into Nitroglobus Labs Yeah, now we have uniform names for the gallery & the sim. 

I took new photos of the sim, using the awesome windlights of Strawberry Singh (thx Strawberry) and coz I really like them I decided to dedicate a blog post to our sim & gallery ^^
Curious? Feel free to visit and walk around. There are many places to take nice pictures.

dikke kus

Friday 13 July 2012

Precious Carmen & Daan

Wow, wearing 3 brand new items, phew ^^
First of all a brand new hair style of my friend MINA. This is one of  her 3 wigs for the HAIR FAIR this year. It's called Daan, it comes with a color and highlights changing hud and moreover Daan is unisex. I like this one, although Anouk; a long and wild hairstyle is yummie too. Will show you that one later. 

Next are the awesome Bliensen + MaiTai Precious earrings. They are simply gorgeous, come in several colors (wearing the red ones) and are part of their SUPA Teapot HAIR FAIR gift. I like the jewellery of this shop, very nicely made.  

Last but not least is the lovely very summerish mesh dress Carmen of M&M. It fits purfect around my pixel body, has a nice back and moreover I like the color, design and texture. 

dikke kus

Thursday 12 July 2012


This lovely Anymore Ruffles mesh mini dress comes in red as well as black. 
It's the contribution of Luciana of the Anymore Store to the ONE VOICE Fundraising.

I must admit that I haven't been there although I tried several times to visit the place, but unfortunately I couldn't enter coz there were already too many avi's present :-( 

I think it's good that the entire SL fashion community takes a stand behind Curio.
dikke kus

Furthermore wearing:
the body co Summer skin
D!va hair Tomoko2 type A in Citrine
Plastik facial and body tattoos and
Mayfly Liquid light eyes Rainshower Shadow

Tuesday 10 July 2012

C&P lace mesh sweater

My friends Petrov and Catherine of C&P Casual Wear are into mesh nowadays. Wow, I admire their perseverance. 
Showing the C&P Casual Wear white lace mesh sweater. Also possible to wear as a mini dress.
Hey this is lovely! Thanks Cath for this blogger review item!

dikke kus

Monday 9 July 2012

Collabor88 goodies

Showing three new items I bought Sunday at Collabor88; I think really cool ones. Soo many nice things there this time, phew, hard to resist.
Above two photos of the Schadenfreude Eala mesh dress in taupe. Wow, look at the back of this dress; awesome isn't it! The dress comes in several pastel shades.
And what about the D!va hair Tomoko2 type A in Citrine, gorgeous! This is definitely a hairstyle I love, meshy and scruffy ^^

Moreover I bought this cute see through The Sea Hole Seafarer's Cardi in silver; sooo sexy. It's the separate upper part of an outfit, which comes in several pastel shades.

I combined the cardi with:
Essence PST! jeans
the body co Summer skin
Plastik facial and body tattoos and
Amarelo Manga Sabrina belt.

dikke kus

Sunday 8 July 2012

Catching up: the Essence(s) of Oedipus

Awww I really really like this close up photo of my face wearing Oedipus one of Plastik Soul Ink facial tattoos (GroupGift). Vae (Aikea Reiko) is renovating/updating her shop/collection and this is her gift to her group. The pack contains loads of awesome facial tattoos. Joining The Plastik group is free.

Furthermore wearing the body co skin Summer & another Truth mesh hair from the 30 June release called Kadence (w/roots quince). /me wonders how Truth does it.. creating lovely hairs every (other) week.
Eyes of course Mayfly Liquid Light mesh eyes Rainshower Shadow

Also NEW are these uber cute .essences PST! jeans: no mesh for a change but always great fitting pants/underpants and coat layer. I like these naughty shorts look at my ass lol. PST! jeans come in 5 colors. Thankies Inka for giving me the bloggers review pack. Hugs!

The Sabrina belt is from Amarelo Manga. I blogged this belt before, it's nicely made with great textures and a resize/color chainging menu.
The unbuttoned top is from Piccara  and the black biker gloves are from TonkTastic
Body tattoo: Voices is also from Plastik and the necklace is Finesmith Touches of heart (Valentine item)

dikke kus

Catching up: Summer, Julia & Hailey

I have been so busy with Nitroglobus Gallery the past weeks; i.e. the exihibition of PetsiKat and her opening party last Thursday, that I didn't have much time to blog all these nice new bloggers review items I received :-(
So today is 'catching up day.

Here's the first one: Julia mesh dress by Amarelo Manga soooo 'summerish'; I like the texture and design.

Also brand new is my skin.... AGAIN I hear you think ANOTHER skin.... Nods, yep this is the brand new the body co Summer skin (03 light) and nope no bloggers review article but a gift of my sweetie.

I love the face and body, very sensual lips slightly parted, supa ass, hips, back and belly button.

Newish (30 June release) is the Truth mesh hippie hair I am wearing called Hailey (w/roots quince). It has a tintable headband. Cute, cute I like it!

From my closet:
Mayfly Liquid light eyes Rainshower Shadow
Bliensen + MaiTai Feliz Navidad double strand necklace
Eclectiaca Swoon gloves ivory
Mynerva Moles - Monroe
DT JoLiE V2 beautymarks moles and Xtra freckles
YS&YS freckles add tattoo layer

Enjoy your Sunday
dikke kus

Friday 6 July 2012

Party party party at Nitroglobus Gallery

Last nite we had a wonderful party at Nitroglobus gallery; the opening of PetsiKat her exhibit. Her work will be on our walls during the entire month of July.
Although due to the trouble with the grid last nite, it wasn't always easy to arrive, many came and joined us in celebrating and dancing on the awesome tunes of DJ Lexie. Thanks!

I couldn't resist and took a few photos (more on my Flickr page). Enjoy.
gros bisous & dikke kus
Nitro & Dido

Wednesday 4 July 2012


Ashlee hair (pumpkin streaked w/roots) by Truth, Izzie's Brianna skin redhead edition & Mayfly Liquid Light eyes Rainshower Shadow what a supa combination ^^

dikke kus

Piercings are by Acide 

4th of July

Americans are celebrating 4th of July, for us here in Holland it's just another  working day, BUT I like the gifts and I combined them with visiting an awesome installation ^^

Showing the 4th of July gift of BOOM (Ellio bikini American Flag) & Poised MissP gift jeans Stars & Stripes
Hurry if you wanna be in time for these lovely gifts.  
Hair is of course from Truth; one of the the 30 June released hairs called Ashlee (wearing pumpkin streaked w/roots)

Have a wonderful 4th of July!
dikke kus

photo taken at Spirit an installation by Claudia Jewell