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Friday 30 July 2010

the Kubrick Rooms

The Kubrick rooms, created by Rumpledink Robbiani, are the SL homage to the late great Stanley Kubrick and his movies. From the hall (I loved the carpet btw) you enter the experience via door 237. It's fun and so nicely made. You recognise scenes from the movies. 

This is not a new spot my friend Smiling told me. He was the one that tp-ed me to the Kubrick Rooms, but unfortunately he had to leave in a hurry. Pitty coz he would have fitted brillantly into the surroundings being all grey ;-)

I explored later in the evening with my friend Dave, who changed his clothes to fit into the environment, dressed cool in black and white. 
Details of Dave his clothes see at the bottom of this blog.
The outfit I wear is called the Korova Milk Bar Droog getup, includes the hat. This Droog outfit can be collected at the Kubrick Rooms for free. 

Although there are not many pose balls around I did enjoy the sim coz it is so nicely made and detailed. And in case you are bored with SL you can sit down in the cinema and watch a Kubrick movie. Have fun exploring!

Taxi to Kubrick
Dikke kus

Now Dave is a guy who values nice clothes in SL. One of the few men in SL that do I guess. I love his outfits AND besides that he creates clothes himself now and then for fun, like for example the grey jumper. No they are not for sale ;-(
Dave is wearing:
Grey jumper made by Dave himself and not for sale
Black jumper by Second Date (Black) - Made Men

Jeans  Zaara *charcoal* (Classic) they are actually ladies jeans
Suit black Stripped open *Redgrave*

Boots /Black-Leather/ Sculpties *Redgrave*
Baseball boots are Akeyo chucks

Wednesday 28 July 2010

Secret love

Yesterday I received an awesome package with gifts of LaVie.

Containing several lingerie sets in different colours and 2 dresses. I will show you my fav: the Amor Secreto dress/corset. It comes in short and long skirt option. Mmm, I will wear it when I meet my secret lover next time ;-)

Couldn't resist to show you some of the lingerie as well. 

 Amore Secreto dress/corset
Lingerie Laced Desire in blue, pink and black

Wear your LaVie group tag and visit the LaVie shop where you'll find the gift. Not a member yet? Enrollment fee: 250 L$

Hat: Blackmoon Elegant hat
Gloves: Maiiki striped strapless gloves (part of outfit)

Pearls: DM Vibrant colors pearl beaded necklace (Expo exclusive)

Dikke kusDido

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Cynful Diva

Wearing Cynful July dollarbie (grab it while you can) which I truly like except for the top which is rather simple compared to the detailed texture of the pants and corset. 

The blond hair is Chiharu the 5000 membership gift of D!va. Maybe I am too picky but for an over 5xxx membership gift I had expected something more well... flex. But it's a gift so I shouldn't complain.

Wearing League Taylor medium blond feline demo skin just to get a feel of it how it fits in with the blond me. But yeah like it a lot.
Dikke kus

Emma's style

Introducing Emma, who's name actually is EmmaElizabeth but that's far too much typing, so Emma it is.

We met when doing some hunt where we shared info and ever since we are great friends. I liked her immediately.

She was very open and honest and told me about her avi Emma, who actually used to be her alt. Although we are very different and move around in other SL sims, (she has a punky kind of style, me the earthy girl), we do match on several issues. We have been exchanging info about Sales going on, awesome Group Gifts, new shops we found ever since. She tips me, I tip her.

I liked to do an item on Emma coz her style is so very different from mine and it's fun to show you a different look. 
Emma is punky but certainly not sloppy, on the contrary she is very very detailed and picky in all she does (creating her SL home, buying a skin pffff); she has high standards. I am lazy brat compared to her.
So here she is.

Thanks Emma for sending me pics and all the descriptions!
Dikke kus

Emma in the pink 

Skin - Apple sunblush ocean by AtomicBambi 
Hair - Beck by Cake 
Eyes - lilac blossom by Poetic Eyes 
Piercings - Mouth rings & spikes, Anti-Brow & septum ring by DK piercings 
Tattoos - Deviation from Normality by Dysotopia 
Choker - Bitter Choker by -RU- 
Armband - Lilith Upper arm L by Dark Eden 
Belt - Otaku Boy Ally by BareRose 
Vest - Unisex leather jacket by Primitive Design 
Pants - Death leather pants by Paradisis

Monday 26 July 2010

Hurray it's Aikea's birthday

And she treated all The Plastik group members with a sumptious gift. Not one but 7(!) dresses (with various options as all Plastik dresses) and 3 cool tops. 
Luv and hugs Aikea, have a wonderful birthday!

Dikke kus 

Showing you my favorits: LunglessSymphony dress BlackAsNight & Kuhra Tank black.

Join Aikea's group The Plastik and receive her birthday gift. 

Birthday gift contains:

LunglessSymphony - BlackAsNight/SaharaEnvy
Friday - ValleyLily
LunglessSymphony - Reverb/SilentKnight
Ambrice - SparkleGreen/Teal
Friday - Adriatic Sea
Kuhra Tank - HeartAche Ruby
Kuhra Tank - HeartAche Stone
Kuhra Tank - NoirManly 

Julia my tru(e)th fav this week

Four new Truth hairs this week and I show you my fav called Julia. Julia comes in both regular and streaked in a single pack. I am fan of the streaked Truth hairs, which come in a wide choice of colors, mmm love them.

Slowly returning to a dark-haired girl again. Although I did love the blond hair with the pink and lilac streaks a lot.
My friend Dave is right when he told me the dark hair combines better with the dark brows of my League Taylor skin. I know, mmm but you know what League has a blond and red brow version of Taylor available......

Dikke kus

Deetalez sexy brown shirt
Dark Mouse Sparkles Chocolate earrings

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Wasteland at Marrowstone island

This afternoon by coincidence I ended up in Marrowstone island, which is an awesome place. It's a wasteland with many many nice pose balls and great stuff, which is all for sale.
Coz actually this is a store (the I-Reckon Main Store)... yeah you can buy everything, but what a fun store to walk around. I loved the place!

The trailers, churches, abandonned factories, mobile homes, the redneck furniture, lawn chairs and white trash stuff. Awesome! A nice place to make your own RP: I died twice, prayed for my soul in the church and was resurrected (one cannot die in SL now can you). 
Of course I could not stop taking pictures...
Here's your taxi 

Dikke kus

praying for the soul of Dido Haas


I hardly ever blog about furniture (not that I can remember anyway) but I love the poses on this new Sunderland couch by KOSH. Available in several worn out colors. Loved it as did my friend Sem ;-)

Here's your taxi to KOSH 

Dikke kus


I am in a fluffy mood today. It's summer, warm and lot's of friends are away on holiday. Last weekend the school holidays started here so no traffic jams, speeding, mmm (me: loves it!).

I had hoped to visit the Armidi Final Sale early my morning, but nope only received a note from the Warehouse (Mr. London Armidi) with the following info: 

Just a reminder that The Final Sale will be taking place at two private regions, not at Armidi itself.

We'll be making in announcement mid-morning with further details, including landmarks and event time.

Mmm, will have to wait till later meaning it will be crowded, meaning lag lag lag, coz by that time the US is awake too (SLT blergh). Sorry, no new old Armidi stuff to show you.

I went through my wardrobe instead and found a 'summer outfit' fitting my mood.


Top: Cynful Chequered Love white 
Skirt: K*S 136sweet Chocolate, inclusive tights (love them!)
Belt: Kunglers gold
Boots: Surf Couture Elsa Boots white
Arm Bracelets: (part  of) BINA summer kirtle 
Gloves: XTC Shirley Lace 

Skin: League Taylor Sunkiss BlackIce Frex
Hair: Truth Enix Streaked Champagne

Sunday 18 July 2010

Ibizarre summer sale

Last Friday a Summer Sale started at Ibizarre : 50% off. The Sale will last from 16-25 July.
I went there and of course could not resist buying  ... ;-)
Btw they also have new freebies.

Here is your taxi to Ibizarre

Skirt: Ibizarre Anjuli skirt black (wearing with lace and legging option)
Top: Ibizarre top 30STM, Fanshirt 02 black (gift)
Jacket: Ibizarre Bolero Jacket
Shoes: Anexx lace-up boots grey
Gloves: XTC Shirley lace


Lippiercing: Ellabella Whispers of Love

I visited the Summer of Love Fair (Fashion for Mental Health Awareness) this afternoon and picked up this nice lip piercing. Great initiative btw to educate people about f.i. bulemia, anorexia nervosa and other mental health diseases. Only problem was the lag that was killing me in the end.
I will return.

Dikke kus

Saturday 17 July 2010

Final Sales at Armidi on 20th July

Aww ARMIDI ... a shop we all used to drool about. I remember my best friend Ner telling me it was heaven, SL heaven.

Well that is ages ago, BUT.... the message that Armidi is having a final sales hit me like a bomb. Armidi always was the icon.  
Anyway, just wanted to tell you all that the Warehouse in colaboration with Armidi will have final Sales on 20th July.

Visit the website and join the Warehousegroup to be able to get access to the location (info about this group: look in my profile)

More general info about sales to be found here: website

The Warehouse Groups gives following info: 
'ARMIDI - The Final Sale - Presented by theWarehouse
Launching soon! Exclusive sales, events, gifts, and more from your favourite brands! Limited-time pre-launch open enrollment - join now!'

Wearing :
Dress: Of course .... Armidi Gisaci square cut linen mini dress
Jacket: Ibizarre bolero jacket
Skin: League Taylor Sunkiss BlackIce
Hair: Truth Enix Streaked Champagne

See you all on 20th July!
Dikke kus

Friday 16 July 2010

Swept under the carpet

I bought an Itan Couple dance ball and put all my dances in. Sighs, well not all coz some gave me trouble.
Made me very very frustrated. Yesterday I got help from my ex landlord and builder Alphons. He had the patience to explain to me what was wrong. I had to go to another object and then return to the original dancing ball to edit... mmm that was it, which btw was NOT in the instruction video!

Anyhow I am happy coz there are no balls lying around the place anymore, swept them all under the carpet and hid the big Itan ball under the cabin.
Thanks Alphons! 

Dikke kus

Thursday 15 July 2010

Truth Enix Streaked

Like every week Truth gives us 4 new hairstyles. 

My favorite this week: the Enix Streaked. And although I am a brunette I show you a nice blond this time: the Enix Streaked Champagne with pink and light purple streaks ;-)
Hey lol, it goes well with my new G*Field swimsuit strawberry (groupgift). 

Dikke kus

Isolde in G*Field swimwear with Truths' Kalista

Groupgifts I received today:

G*Field classic swimwear in 4 colors: black, red, strawberry and teal. I love this swimsuit, which I will use as a top too. Very nicely made with all the wrinkles and so generous to give us 4 colors! Thanks Cerberus!  

Exodi skin Isolde GroupGift all tones
I bought Exodi skin in the past (with hot red lips), but to be honest it is not my piece of cake anymore. The face of Isolde is nice and smooth, however without any characteristics. It's just another pretty face with pink lipstick (me don't like pink lipstick ...).
I show you Nuit and Soleil in the pictures. 
Although I normally wear lighter skins I prefered the Nuit version coz the other colors look grey and cool to me.
If you like the gifts join the groups (G*Field free, Exodi 250 Lindens).

Dikke kus

Aww and the AWESOME hair I am wearing is Truth last weeks Kalista Streaked Java. I am totally in love with that hair. So flex, it dances around my head and everybody says I am beautiful. Lol ;-)

Tuesday 13 July 2010


Innsmouth is a fictional town in the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, a horror writer who was active in the 1920s and 1930s.

Its SL counterpart is a dark, damp, grungy, rusty place with perpetual rain; an abandoned, antique town full of atmosphere, melancholy and weirdo things. Very nicely made with lots of details and a few surprises. 

It's a place that warrants exploration and is extremely photogenic, so I went there and met Nakula at the entrance of the sim. We decided to explore together. Now Nakula is studying the work of H.P. Lovecraft in RL and a big fan. So hey, what better guide could I wish ;-)

I show you some pics to give you an idea of the place. 
Best, however, is to go and explore yourselves. Taxi to Innsmouth.

Dikke kus
inside the freaky house

tied with ropes to the bed

pose ball called preserved, arhgh.......

Closing Sale at Irresistible Design

My friend Emma sent me an IM about a Closing Sale going on now (not sure for how long so hurry) at Irresistible Design. I bought 3 pair of nicely made cute sneakers. Love them. So did my friends. Girls in sneakers yeah...

All items are 90% off, meaning all clothes, shoes and boots are only L$ 10
Go hurry!

On the pic from left to right: Emma, Sis and me with our new sneakers.

Dikke kus 

Romantic Dreams a sim for romance

When you like beautiful (blossom) trees, horse riding and a sim full of romantic places (picknick, dance floor with fountain, many cuddle balls, etc) visit Romantic Dreams. It's so nice.

I was there exploring with Michiel and we sticked to the horse riding ;-)
Here's your taxi to Romantic Dreams

Dikke kus

Monday 12 July 2010


Exactly one year ago I started this blog. I stumbled on this fact by coincidence, but mmm was too tempting not to mention it.

I like to write about my life here in SL and hope I have inspired my readers and those stumbling into my blog with interesting info about places worthwhile exploring. 

Hugs you all and thanks for your support and comments!

Dikke kus

location: De Zaansche Schans

Sunday 11 July 2010

The Companion

Smiling took me to The Companion today and as usual I enjoyed it very much our exploring together! Wow what a sim, I loved the trees, the atmosphere and the many many surprising pose balls. Did put on my warm sweater after arriving as this is a winter sim with lots of snow. Well the sweater did not really help as I ended up into the ice cold water many times ;-)

You follow the story line and on the way there are so many surprises. Well I show you some pictures, but as always my advise: Go and Enjoy yourselves!

Here's the taxi to The Companion 

The Companion, a region based on a Norwegian folktale. Follow the story  of a young man trying to reach his dream. By clicking the red spheres (look carefully, they are hard to find sometimes) you get the story which will guide you further through the region.
There is no music streamed. But there are sounds to illustrate the story. 

Sim still under construction owned by Frigg Ragu and built with the help of Miskat Qinan and Soror Nishi.

pitty I cannot let you hear the sound they make

Dikke kus

Thursday 8 July 2010

Truth Rylan

It's been a while but today I bought new Truth hair. Awesome isn't it: called Rylan. My pack contained 4 colours dark brown hair with and without streaks.

You get value for your money coz lol it's a LOT of flex hair. The hair contains a built in menu, which allows you to change the colour of the streak. Many colours available in the menu ;-)
My favourite is darkbrown Java red streaked.

Dikke kus

Skin: Pulse Isabel Freckled
Eyes: Poetic Color Eyes Easter Lilac
Sunglasses: Guccibrille 1.0 (not available anymore)
Dress: League Sinaed dress brown
Cardigan: Coco cardigan lace

Tuesday 6 July 2010


Smiling and me visited the isle of Drowsy, which is actually a shopping area. You find shops there of the Japanese designers  Kurotsubaki, BP, and Zero Number. But the isle is far too beautiful to visit only the shops and demands to be explored. We started yesterday Smiling and me and today I finished exploring.   

Some areas are a kind of fairytale town/forest (Dickens like). When you enter you walk the cobbled narrow main street with many surprises behind the doors. A narrow alley leading to a library, a deserted Zoo (take the apple and see what happens), cross a sewer and be surrounded by butterflies, enjoy yourselves at the abandoned playground, ... so many many things to do and discover at Drowsy.

bar at entrance point

the library

in part of the BP shop

The sim is tasteful (use of colour scheme, theme and composition) and definitely made with an eye for detail. I could not find any information/notecard about the isle on the sim itself, so I decided to google. I found usefull information on f.i. this Linden site

But hey go and explore yourselves. Enjoy!

Dikke kus