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Tuesday 18 May 2021

White Canvas by Diconay Boa


W H I T E  C A N V A S  by  D I C O N A Y B O A   
the May 2021 exhibition @ Nitroglobus  

When I asked Diconay (Dico) beginning of April if she and Good Cross were able and willing to exhibit in May (instead of later in the year as we initially agreed), to fill the slot which had suddenly become available, I was so happy she said yes! However, Good Cross, Dico's SL partner was too busy RL, so Dico took it upon her to do the exhibition alone ... AND what a wonderful display it has become of sensual, high quality works in monochrome and color with a theme that will appeal to many: tattoos in SL.

I sincerely hope Dico and Good Cross will return to Nitroglobus in the future with a shared exhibition; giving us something to look forward to.

A B O U T  'W H I T E  C A N V A S':

Tattoos are jewelry for the skin.

People get them for many reasons: for attention, self-expression, artistic freedom, rebellion, a visual display of a personal narrative, reminders of spiritual/cultural traditions, sexual motivation, addiction, identification with a group or even drunken impulsiveness. Our current society craves individuality and self expression. And now many people wear their artistic expression.

Tattoos are especially interesting in the virtual world because of its lack of permanence on a virtual mesh body. But someone talented in the digital arts can really make it look surreal and beautiful.

To me tattoos represent creativity, sensuality and this is what I have hoped to achieve in this study. This exhibit is a study of second life tattoos and my interpretation of the work of some tattoo artists in SL.

This is the reason I call this exhibit a White Canvas, representing the bare skin on which will be imprinted memories, emotions and art.

I hope you take some joy from it.
Welcome to my head and heart.

I posted an overview last week of all the blog posts and reviews published about Dico's exhibition.

Taxi to Nitroglobus

poster made by David Silence 

The opening party took place on Sunday 9 May, with music by Electric Monday and what a party it was.
Some snapshots I made of visitors and of the awesome particle show by Venus Adored:

Particles show by Venus Adored

Wednesday 12 May 2021

Nitroglobus in the NEWS

I am super happy with all the attention in the press this past days for the present exhibitions at Nitroglobus by Sina Souza (Retrospective) and Diconay Boa (White Canvas).

Here's a summary of all the articles/reviews:

image by Frank Atisso

Frank Atisso of ART KORNER wrote on 9 May a great review 'White Canvas: A study of Tattoos by Diconay Boa' and he also made an SL booklet of the article. Thanks so much Frank!


Today (12 May) 3 articles were published:

Diomita wrote in DIOMITA AND JENNY's BLOG: 'Art in Second Life (43) Nitroglobus Gallery in May 2021', in which she wrote about both the exhibitions of Sina and Diconay. She too posted cool images.

images made by Diomita and placed in her blog post


Fenella Allen, who visited the opening party last Sunday, 9 May placed a super cool short video on YOUTUBE which she made at the party showing the awesome particles by Venus Adored. Moreover, she wrote a sort note about the exhibition by Diconay in Weekly Limoncello News, Edition 18

Last but certainly not least, Inara Pey published her review and analysis 'Viewing a Bare Canvas in Second Life' today in her blog Living in a Modem World. I snatched one of the awesome images Inara made of Diconay's art to place here. 

image made by Inara and placed in her blog post

A sincere THANK YOU to all reviewers for their blog posts! 

Please read all and don't forget to visit the gallery! 
Here's your taxi to Nitroglobus
Dido Haas

Sunday 2 May 2021

Retrospective by Sina Souza


RETROSPECTIVE by SINA SOUZA @ Nitroglobus gallery(dido's part of the gallery)
May - June 2021

When Sina contacted me a few months ago and told me her inspiration was back and she started creating again, I was really thrilled coz I love Sina and her art and I think I'm not only speak for myself when I say I missed Sina's creations over the past years. Sooo I was even more excited when Sina indicated she wanted to exhibit her new creations at Nitroglobus. I cleaned my part of the gallery and Sina placed her images there as well as a sculpture she made.

Come look at the new Sina with her exhibition RETROSPECTIVE
Dido Haas, owner/curator Nitroglobus.

Sina at the gallery in front of her world


Sina explains:

Retrospective is not an exhibition where I want to show you my previous work. It is an exhibition about struggles in my past, wrong decisions that I have made or experiences that I have gained.

It is a path between depression, strokes of fate and the problem of trusting others. But it's not just a look back at what's behind me, it is also a kind of self reflection, a step forward, a way to learn from mistakes and to grow from experiences. Sometimes we need to look back to look ahead.
Sina Souza

Read the cool article Frank Atisso wrote in Art Korner about Sina's exhibition

image made by Frank Atisso


Images I made at the opening party last Friday, 30 April:



Venus Adored, particles artist

me dancing with Mihailsk


Visitors at the party: