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Saturday 29 June 2013

Veleno dress by Cristine (SLAVE Dressing Room)

New mesh dress Veleno of the SLAVE Dressing Room made by the awesome designer Cristine Easterling. I love her designs, especially the dresses are soo cool. AND they come most of the time with a HUD to change textures/color. 

Thx soo much Cristine for this awesome bloggers review item! Blows a kiss to Cristine

The cute hair I blogged before and is D!va Mimi hair with texture changing bow and headband (Collabor88) Luv this one a lot!

Rest all comes from my invent.
Enjoy your weekend. I have to get ready for the opening party of our new exhibition 'The Sum of Our Parts' in Nitroglobus Gallery this evening.

dikke kus

DRD girl

Hey who's cool here ?

Wearing: DRD Netty grunge mesh dress in red (skirt & top)
There's a discount at DRD atm of which I btw wasn't aware when buying this really awesome outfit. Soo you can imagine my surprise when receiving money from Jaimy (co-owner/designer of DRD) ^^ 

NEW is Jolene in light brown, one of the 3 new Truth mesh hairs of this week. Jolene has a cap with a texture changing hud (12 different textures). 
Yeah, another great Truth hair.

To complete the look I dived into my closet and found my:
super DRD looseboots
League Wanderer necklace
Acide Jam Grey piercing

Have a great weekend!
dikke kus

BOOM Ellio bikini

Summer isn't really here RL, but in SL the sun is always shining soo bikini time ^^. 
Showing: BOOM Ellio bikini top and bottom hearts in coral. Wow coooool
luv the cute texture and bows of this lovely bikini.

dikke kus

Thursday 27 June 2013

Opening party 'The Sum of Our Parts' - Saturday 29th June at Nitroglobus gallery

Saturday 29th June will be the opening party for Kynne Llewellyn & Alles Klaar their exhibition at Nitroglobus Gallery.
Oh and when you plan to visit: don't forget to wear something COLORFULL

Here's your taxi to our gallery

Moreover, proudly presenting you an awesome movie Nitro made as a kind of sneak preview of this awesome exhibition. 
Thx sooo much darling!! You can find the movie on Youtube: http://youtu.be/ch136525hdM

dikke kus
The Sum of Our Parts movie

Tuesday 25 June 2013

The Sum of Our Parts

Starting tomorrow Wednesday 26 June Nitroglobus gallery proudly presents 'The Sum of Our Parts', an exhibition of Alles Klaar & Kynne Llewellyn. 
Who doesn't know these creative ladies by now? They've been making great artworks and as long as I can remember always teamed up and exhibit their work together.
Kynne and Alles not only exhibit their work together they also are 'bonnes amies' and share a blog.

Alles her photographic style is colourful, eclectic, vibrant and whimsical and sometimes, “just all over the shop”
Kynne indicates that she likes to think that most of her artwork tells a story and she's fascinated to hear what imaginative stores others come up with as they look at her photos. 

'The Sum of Our Parts'. Why this particular title? 
Well Kynne and Alles both like mixing and matching their avatars and if you look at their work you will often see Alles in human form but with android arms, or Kynne in dolly form but in the most wonderfully glorious outfits. So the exhibition title is a natural extension of that. 

I also wanna stipulate Nitro's creativity; he made the wonderful reflections and put some rain/storm and thunder in the gallery. Don't worry there are umbrella's for everybody at entrance point ^^

Here's your taxi to Nitroglobus gallery

dikke kus and cu at Nitroglobus gallery!

Monday 24 June 2013

Collabor88 goodies

Arghh I went shopping this afternoon at Collabor88 ^^ and I bought these awesome goodies:

  • the red mesh fd (fashionably dead) Skater dress (luv it, it's so girlie and summerish), 
  • the lovely D!va hair Mimi in Amber with a cute headband and bow that are tintable (many great colors) and 
  • an the PILOT inflatable chair in white (the chair comes in many bright colors), which has many cute poses (female, male and couple). 
That's it for now.
dikke kus

D!va hair Mimi: luv it!

PILOT inflatable chair

SYSY's Escapade

This cool mesh dress called Escapade and the hot stockings are SySy's releases for the My Attic and Zodiac cycles!

For my Attic there are the various (showing only 3 of the many many different textures/colors/patterns) Escapade dresses. The theme of this round of my attic is "Escape" and runs for 10 days.

For Zodiac this round is the month of Cancer. The two color shades of stockings (red and pink) are for that round. Zodiac runs the rest of the month untill 21st July.
These stockings work just like any other pair of stockings, socks or leggings but are also created to work seamlessly with the SLink Avatar Enhancement System. Meaning if you have the SLink mesh feet, you can wear them on your mesh feet and apply them with the click on the hud. Wow, luv them!

dikke kus


This is Nora, STC's (Sweeter Than Candy) Update Group Gift. I like this cute mesh summer dress, lovely soft blue color, great fit and texture.

The hair is Truth's last weeks mesh hair Siobhan in light blond, which comes with a HUD to change the color of the headband. Love it!

dikke kus

Thursday 20 June 2013

C&P Navy Lark

Here's Cath and I showing 'Navy Lark' C&P's awesome gift for the Summer's Hotter than Hell' hunt, that starts on 21st June. All info about this hunt to be found here
The Navy Lark outfit you can find in C&P Amsterdam Sim store.

The cute hat isn't included but is also a C&P item. Sooo do visit C&P's main store for more great outfits. Here's your taxi to C&P main store

dikke kus

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Far far away with a Knottedshirt

Two cool NEW items I combined: 

the SLAVE Dressing RooM mesh KnottedShirt which comes with a HUD. I like this smexy shirt, great fit and textures/colors to choose from.

Paris METRO Couture Far Far away 2 piece dress: romantic as always and lovely colors and textures this one has.

The hair is this weeks Truth mesh Colbie hair in light blond. I haven't taken it off since I unpacked it. Sooo cool.

A sincere Thank You to the designers for their awesome bloggers review items!

dikke kus

Saturday 15 June 2013

PiNK CHERRY's super cool leather skirt

This PiNK CHERRY mesh leather skirt definitely is super and labeled a fav item in my closet. Love it! On the photo above I'm wearing the combination with Flower top. On the the other photos wearing the Lace top. Mesh skirt and tops come in more colors, but mmmm I just adore black ^^
Thx Jane for this awesome bloggers review item!

Hair is not new but still awesome: Magika Stumble hair.
Nor is the skin: Plastik Aleksandra Beta skin Fawn (former FLF item)
Mesh hands are SLINK, bracelets Mandala & LouLou&Co (upper arm). 
Shoes are Maitreya Gold Suave Raven. 

That's it, dikke kus & enjoy the weekend 

Lorena - Liquid lunch

PetsiKat's exhibition 'If trees could talk' at Colore Art Gallery (taxi to the gallery)
Yeah, a lot of exploring and jumping around sims this evening, but actually I wanted to show Lorena, a NEW great looking mesh jumpsuit by PiNKCHERRY.   

Yesterday I visited the PiNK CHERRY shop and awww I found many awesome outfits there. Showing you one of them: jumpsuit Lorena, which comes in many colors. Thx sooo much Jane for the bloggers review item.

Enjoy your weekend!
dikke kus

Appalachian; Cica's Garden, wow what an awesome place! Do go and visit. Here's your taxi 

Lorena in red

To celebrate the weekend I give you a song from Caro Emerald, awesome Dtuch singer. Enjoy!

Thursday 13 June 2013

Sara, Tuli's GG & Mayfly Light Persian blue

Let me introduce Sara, this months Tuli group gift. Awesome as all Tuli's skins. The folder provides Sara in 3 different tones: pearl, powder and petal. Wearing petal.

My eyes are the latest Mayfly mesh eyes called Light Persian blue. They come in Liquid Light and Deep Sky version. Wearing the Liquid Light ones, which have larger, softer pupils and softer indoor/shaded reflections.

dikke kus


Smooth mesh satin gown Natalia by PiNK CHERRY in red (also available in white and black), which I bought earlier this week at Designers Circle (DC). Do take a look at the back of the dress, cool isn't it and those wrinkles are sooo yummie.

dikke kus

Neon Stripes dress

NEW and super cool this mesh Neon Stripes dress of GD (Glow Designs). It comes in several awesome color combinations. Showing two - lemon/orange & purple/blue - pick your fav ^^

dikke kus

Sunday 9 June 2013

Summer hide

Isn't this a super cool hat called Summer hide by AD Creations (Aliza Karu, one of my fav designers) and you know what.... it's an excluse gift for the Salimar Fashion and Art member group.
Soooo girls join this group, what're waiting for ... here's your taxi to the AD shop at Salimar district ^^

dikke kus


Hey look at me looking great right .... well I am wearing the super DandelionWine mesh Lola dress AND you know what it's a freebie. Unbelievable but true. Join the subscriber and you receive this awesome gift.

All the rest comes from my inventory.
Oh and the awesome hair is last weeks Truth mesh hair Delta (wearing browns02 with hairbase).

dikke kus

Thx cold Frog for showing me! mwah  

New Blue

Weekend newness: 
Belleza Millie skin (50L Friday) aww another great Belleza skin and for little money I bought this Friday
New Mayfly mesh eyes showing Liquid Light Persian Blue. I am a fan of Mayfly eyes. Simply luv them.
Peqe mesh Pisces Jumpsuit Navy: cooooool 
Truth mesh hair Tawny in brown01fade one of the new awesome Truth hairs of this week. Yeah, Truth is back and working hard ^^

Pose used: Flighty Pixels Editorial (Female gift of Salimar Luxury district)

All the rest comes from my invent. 
Have a great weekend!
dikke kus

Monday 3 June 2013

The New Truth


Yeah, Truth has 3 new mesh hairs this week! Cool hair, I particularly luv these two - Delta & Charlize. Had to blog them.

Thx Truth for spoiling us ^^
dikke kus


The Queen of Elba

Yeah I know, more of the same today, but I just luved this photo AND the song 'Queen of Elba' by Laura Jansen ^^

MINA mesh hair Silvia, Graffitiwear feathered Mayan pendant necklace the layer top of Sn@tch mesh outfit Chi Chi. Both items I blogged yesterday.
I combined the Chi Chi top with the fishnet shirt layer of Dutch Touch, part of one of my oldest outfits. 

dikke kus

Sunday 2 June 2013

Lots of weekend newness

In the photo above Nitro and I are wearing parts of Dragonfly; a complete male & female avatar outfit, AND the June GG of Lost Town (La Citta Perduta). 
Dragonfly comes with a shape, skin, eyes, an awesome marble like body tattoo layer, jewellery, nipple covers, pants and gloves; all layer and sculpted items. 
Nitro and I didn't use shape, eyes and skin coz hey we are addicted to our own ^^

But the photo gives a hint of how awesome this FREE total avatar gift by creative Sivi Kelberry is.  

Moreover, wearing Silvia a really SUPER new rigged mesh MINA hairstyle, specially made for the Numberology event, which will be held from 1-15 June.  (more info: http://www.covert-affairs.com/#!numberology/cxd8) 
The hair comes with HUDs that lets you change the color of the hair and the hairclip. 
Wow I luvvvvvvvvvvv this hair!  

The lovely Feathered Mayan Pendant necklace I am wearing is by Graffitiwear and their June Subscribers Gift. 

Last NEW item is Chi Chi a mesh black lace mini skirt I bought this weekend at Sn@tch. The folder comes with a top (shirt/jacket layer), as shown in the photo. Of course I am wearing black, BUT the folders contains many cool color tops tooo ^^. 

All other items come from my invent.
Pose used: ED (Eternal Dream) Boobies

dikke kus