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Thursday 15 July 2021

Hotlanta - Northfarthing

Hotlanta, the Industrial area

Hotlanta by DonPaul Cale, home of Hotlanta Blues club at Northfarthing, a part of the extensive Hotlanta sim. You can easy tp around the various parts (skyboxes) of the region; there are many. 

I will restrict myself, however, in this blog post to the part, a skybox where the blues club is situated. I love the deteriorated look of the concrete, the various graffiti, the general atmosphere of abandoned factories, warehouses and the futuristic airships. It was fun to walk around.

I discovered the place when my friend hEIN (famous DJ) was performing at Fleming Helfenstein 'The Waterworks' - a museum of SL Art some days ago. 
The gallery shows a selection of mainly 2D art by many of SL's finest artists, in a labyrintine concrete tower in the fascinating Southtown Township of Northfarthing. Get lost and explore the message is.... which I did

The Waterworks at Underground Hotlanta 

So here we go.... a lot of images I made:

meeting Ed, who turned into a police man arresting me ;-)

Monday 12 July 2021

miu miu miu's Stamp @ Nitroglobus


Proud and happy to announce a brand new exhibition at 'my part of Nitroglobus': miu miu miu's Stamp.

When I asked miu a while ago if she was willing to exhibit at my part of Nitroglobus, I was so glad she said yes. She told me she found some images in an old folder, which she had not posted or exhibited on any platform before and which would be fitting well to the walls of Nitroglobus. 

There will be no official opening party so you are welcome to visit and admire miu's art. 

I made a few overview images of the exhibition to give you an idea.

sculpture by the late Nitro Fireguard

the cool 'cloud tree' was made by Venus Adored

Thursday 8 July 2021

Opening Party 5 July @ Nitroglobus

Suzen Juel tuning

Monday, 5 July was 'D-day'; the opening party for the  exhibition 'Baptism of Fire' by Mihailsk at Nitroglobus, and what a party it was. When Suzen Juel tuned a Greek song we all started to dance the sirtaki and had so much fun.

Special thanks to the main players of this evening: Suzen Juel for her great tunes, Venus Adored for her ditto particles and of course the presenting artist Mihailsk.
Also sincere thanks to all who visited and for those who were unable to tp in, the exhibition of Mihailsk will be at the walls of Nitroglobus during the entire month of July. 
The gallery is open 24/7 😀
Snapshots I made of main players and visitors:

Venus Adored, particles magician

Mihailsk, the artist