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Sunday 3 May 2020

Entropy by D e f o e, the May exhibition @ Nitroglobus

image by D e F o e, poster made by David Silence

Truly happy with this exhibition 'Entropy' by D e F o e, which is her first show in Second Life & with the spectacular piece of art, 'Entropic System' specially made for this exhibion by Jadeyu Fhang.
Description of ENTROPY by D e F o e
'A journey deep into the bare rawness of the universe. The human being placed at the mercy of events, tossed about in the maze of life itself. We are but simple mannequins adorning the stage of the world, amidst its cold and sprawling asphalt jungles, opposing the placidity of its vast green spaces.
There we lay motionless, overwhelmed by our own vital flow.'

Opening party on Tuesday, 5 May at 1 pm SLT Amsterdam time)
Music by DJ Ferdy

taxi to Nitroglobus

Description of the sculpture by Jadeyu: 
the spider is the system (society/nation/education/politics) which holds us humans in her grip, she pulls the iron chains, which make it impossible for us humans to move freely. Moreover, her cobweb entangles us to prevent us from escaping. In other words: we are enslaved by the system and cannot breathe freely. 
This theme frequently occurs in Jade's work.

I show here two images of D e F o e, as hung on the walls of Nitroglobus atm. Come and visit.

Listening by D e F o e

Departures by D e F o e