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Tuesday 29 December 2009

Sales at The Plastik and Magika

Wow what a classy outfit.
Inspired by the article Ner wrote in The SL Fashionista about Prelude I went there yesterday and could not resist to buy the Lundi suit she blogged. But what colour ... I bought the red outfit, although I loved the grey one too. I got some help from a stranger who asked if he could help me. He introduced himself as a designer-to-be, but did not wanna give me more info nor show me his work. Not finished yet he said and as he is a perfectionist ....  mmm patience Dido ^^

Next I rushed to The Plastik for the blue and white sales (L$ 99 for a lot of their clothes in these colours). Could not resist the grey Bordello dress and combined it with the Lundi jacket as shown in the picture. I finished the look with grey Bax boots (Le.Look Christmas gift) and a grey panty. 

Then to Magika for their L$10 sales where I bought a fatpack of my fav hair: Biji. Love that hair so much and now I have all colours for only L$ 50.

The picture was taken at Butterdish: what a beautiful place! I love how the colours of my outfit match with the surroundings. I am sure I will visit this place again.
The skin I wear is Eva, the latest group gift of Tuli 

Dikke kus

Monday 28 December 2009

Rouge Forest: post Christmas mood

 interrogating Michiel ('how was your Christmas dinner....')

Mmm, guess he flipped. Was I too hard on him ooooh noooo ^ ^

After all the sumptuous (Christmas) dinners of the last days my friend Michiel and I went exploring. You can see we are in a post Christmas mood, feeling a bit worn out ^^

Very nice place to explore btw: Rouge Forest with little sheds where you can find and buy amazing things.

Dikke zoen
Dido and Michiel

Tuesday 22 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Last weekend (17-20 December) I was in Milan to celebrate my RL birthday. It was a super weekend! However, when returning home the plane could not land because the airport was closed and I finally ended up in Luik, Belgium. From there a busride of 2 hours (after 2 hrs waiting for the bus at the airport), followed by a journey home of 2 hours in our own car through snowstorms. Yeah weather is bad here in Holland. Snow is beautiful but not when you have to travel....

Anyway, I am back home RL and SL and decided to get myself into Christmas mood and take a nice pic and wish all my SL friends a merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, exciting and loving 2010 with lots of super holiday trips/vacations and of course great food (last wish is for my dear friend Sparks who's addicted to good food)!

Luv you, dikke kus

Wednesday 16 December 2009

Bloggers block & another SL home

Hi here I am again. I had a bloggers block ;-(. No lust to write nor take pics and moreover being busy as my RL home has been painted from ceiling to floor.

But I have a topic to write about now: I have moved in SL! Arghhh after so many months I changed house and sim.

I had long thoughts about it, but last week I decided to change my sweet Japanese house at tiny Tohl island for a stylish one at a huge sim with no neighbours at all, except 1 ... the owner Alphons. My new house and veranda are not entirely furbished yet, but I feel at home and put my personal things there. Not all, as I want it to be a different house/atmosphere than my old home.

Alphons showed me several houses I could use. I had been experimenting too with placing stuff. But I want something totally different and I want it to fit into the atmosphere of the sim, which is a lovely place: beautiful, classy, no lag, vast, loads of available prims and good music.

I might organize a kind of open house/Christmas/RL birthday party for all my friends. This weekend I will be visiting RL Milan, Italy celebrating my RL birthday. Super, I am looking forward to see Milan, never been there before. It will be freezing there too as it is in Holland right now, sooo I will have to make a lot of 'stopovers' in bars and coffee places ;-)

A few pics I took of my house yesterday evening shown above, as well as my attempt to create an artistic nude ;-)

Dikke kus

Monday 14 December 2009

Another friend leaving SL

I feel sad because this morning I received a letter (notecard) from my dear friend Greg from the US that he will be leaving SL.
He explained the why and I understand him. But nevertheless it is sad to loose another SL friend. I did not see much of him during the last weeks as he found an SL GF. I met her too, a lovely girl.

Greg is so real, no nonsense, no RP, no player. He is himself and tells everybody he is. He had his skin made, looking like his RL face. I met him at a shop where he was debating to have another copy of this skin because he wanted to use it for his second avi. Lots of discussing followed with the owner of the shop. But, I liked him and we became good friends. I danced with him and we had fun at Halloween, partying at Wave.
He is not the first one to leave SL for a good reason. Wish you lots of RL happiness Greg!

Dikke kus