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Sunday 28 August 2011

Martina & Toxic Bish

Wearing the +9000 Group Gift of BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) called Toxic Bish (black). Although it was not my intention to blog this little sexy dress coz I don't like to use pasties.
However, today I received a bloggers review pack of the new really lovely Truth hair called Martina.  Wow, I like this hair AND it falls eggzackily on the right spot; hiding my nipple ^^ 

The other items I am wearing are a mix and match of stuff from my invent.

Dikke kus


Btw this is my last blog of this month coz I am going on a short holiday; i.e. I will be visiting Copenhagen (my first time there).

Saturday 27 August 2011

Best Thing I Never Had

DM couple pose 'Devotion' 

This evening I went hunting couple poses. I bought 2 awesome ones at DM (Del May) store. Love DM poses!
Picture taken at DM store just before I bought the pose ^^ . The hunk is my dear friend Pietertje who helped me testing most of the poses at the store. 

Here's my SL BF Andy and me on oOo Studio Center couple pose, a supa Group gift. Andy loved this pose and so do I. 

Wearing on all the photos the newest release of BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) a lingerie set inspired on the latest Beyonce's music video and therefore called 'Best Thing I Never Had'. It comes in black, white and red. I really like this super sexy, well made lingerie set as did Andy ^^

Dikke kus

Everlasting kiss

This chair is so comfy, it has an extensive menu with nice sits and poses and i love the colour. It's part of the Wicker chair set of Everlasting Kiss (aww what a cute name!)

Wearing the Finesmith White tornado dress, that comes including the nice necklace (55L last Thursday offer).

Dikke kus

Thursday 25 August 2011

Camisole Crush

Here's the new August Group Gift of Le Poppycock: camisole crush with cute black bows. Here's your taxi to Le Poppycock
I combined it with the Finesmith Anak skirt, which is part of the new store welcome gift (see my blog post on this subject).

Posing on Miamai Model Pose Editorial, which comes from the set I bought at Fashionably Late. I love the Miamai poses and these were 100 L$ for 8 poses, so I couldn't resist and had to buy this set ^^

Dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items!

Finesmith new store

Yep this is the welcome gift for the new Finesmith store. For sure worthwhile isn't it? And yes I know this has been blogged before, but I truly love this dress and necklace sooo I couldn't resist AND my version is different ^^
It's called Anak dress, it's sculpted, super nicely made and black (yeah I know I've been experimenting with colors this evening, but hey I love the result. Hope you do too).

From my closet:
I almost forgot about this lovely Magika hair called 'Magik' 
G*Field open boots Vilda
LouLou&Co gloves and bracelets

Dikke kus

Oops almost forgot: here's your taxi to the new Finesmith store

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Kooky becomes a blogger

Hot news: my friend Kooky decided today to start a blog of her own! Wow a SUPA idea, coz she knows a lot of shops where you can get stuff that's cool, different, well-made AND above all very affordable. She is picky and has an eye for good quality. 

She will start her blog with a series of posts consisting of herself dressed up completely differently. Kooky loves funny or weirdo avi's and looks. I remember we once both changed into tiny fluffy rabbits and had lots of fun nibbling at the shoes of people passing by. 
So keep an eye on her blog here's the url: http://kooky-jules.blogspot.com/ (also in my fav blog list)

Success Kooky!
Dikke kus

Centaur ladies

An evening in SL with Kooky means doing things and buying stuff that's different. Soooo we did this evening; we bought the really awesome Night Centaur Lady outfit of B@R (Bare Rose) and went to a centaur place to take pics: The Seven Isles a place for centaur, satyr, faun, fae, dragon and merfolk.

Thanks Kooky I had a great time!
Dikke kus

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Myth of the atomic age

There were still a few 'August items' in my folder that I wanted to blog but until now didn't have the time to do so. Well here we go:

August items:
ByKay - Kalya necklace dark blue   
LW (Lash Ware) basic jeans (super low rise)  blue
SE Designz Summer Top Outfit white, this shirt comes in combination with a panty  in many bright colours.  
MINA hair Famke

From my closet:
Armidi Sweater Scarf - Royal Blue
LouLou&Co gloves and bracelets Crepuscule
League Sia skin Medium Bloom 
Poetic Colors eyes new line preview - grey sky
B.Nuts star lip piercing

Oh and the awesome pose is from Bent! and called 'myth of the atomic age'

Dikke kus

Music makes the world go round

Fabio and me had fun this evening at 'The Nest sim', coz that's where I took this photo. The music there was perfect for our little jam session. It almost felt like it was us playing :-)

Dikke kus 

Monday 22 August 2011

me in front of 2 x nude me

Me standing in front of 2 x nude me; a picture taken by Yoko Ireto. Aww I love it! Wanna see more of Yoko her work? I bet you do ^^ here's the url to her FlickR account. She makes awesome photo's.

Thanks Yoko!
Dikke kus

Sunday 21 August 2011

The Nest

Well I couldn't get enough of exploring this afternoon so I visited The Nest. The Nest is a brand new sim featuring home & garden shops. I love it, so nicely made with losts of fun pose balls in the playground, shops in tastefull and those cars... wow!
Yes, definitely worthwhile your visit.   

I did not change my outfit since my blog post Lazy Sunday Afternoon so if you are interested in the stuff I wear ^^

Dikke kus

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Exploring Annon, a super nicely made sim with lots of secret places to discover... AND make nice photos.
What else to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon ^^

Eden studded belt blue  - NEW
Cynful Eve Britches pants and Zone's Off Shoulder Top (August Group Gift)  
Maitreya Treaders lever heels (August Group Gift)
Natural Beauty Tulip special edition (Skin Sales store)
Poetic colors new line preview - grey sky eyes (definitely my fav)

From my closet:
Tulip. Disconnected (gey cardigan part of Lilly set for TFG)
TFG Necklace Ethnic Special Summer edition
MINA hair Famke DBR01
Randomocity boxing tape lt blue

Dikke kus

Playing SL on my deck

Kooky and me playing SL on our laptops

I like to mention the fun Island Dream Deck (with Xcite) from MiChiGaNs ShAcK. I love it, coz this deck has soooo many possibilities: from cute poses as the one shown above to hot sex ones. Well poses to fit all my moods ^^

Dikke kus 

Saturday 20 August 2011

If I could tell the world just one thing

Seems like there is a concerned/worried look in my Poetic Color grey sky eyes (see my blog 'Natural beauty'). Well maybe I am ....

Showing two NEW items:
starting with a brandnew skin, the JeSyLiLo Niran skin. I am wearing the Pale J8 matte, hairline option. Niran is a well-made skin with a thick brow, black eyeliner around the eyes and a worried look. Oh and it has nice body, ass and nipples too, but I guess I don't wanna look worried all the time

The top is new too; it's from League and a Fifty Linden Friday (FLF) item called 'Seashell Blouse' - old lavender. Nice, sexy and simple; i.e. no sculpted parts.

From my closet:
MINA hair Famke in DBR01 (I really really like this hair)
LOULOU&Co gloves and bracelet Crepuscule
TFG necklace Ethnic Special Summer Edition
B.Nuts Star lip piercing

Dikke kus 

If I could tell the world just one thing
It would be that we're all OK
And not to worry 'cause worry is wasteful
And useless in times like these

Jewel - Hands  

Friday 19 August 2011


I found a new shop called Egoisme and I like to show some of the nice items they have to offer. They not only offer female clothes but also have a lot of male stuff available from male skins to jeans, shirts and hot male undies ^^
But as i stick to my female avi I show you the following: 

the suppah April Shawl in red (it comes in many many really awesome colors), love the texture and fitting!
the Lace-up ankle boots that come with a hud and are tintable! YEAH love that one pair of boots that you can change into the color of your choice/outfit/mood. 
the Low-loose shirt in red (again available in many colors). Again suppah texture, fit and awesome colors 
and to complete the outfit I am wearing the capris jeans blue (with white belt and cuffs) 

Low - loose shirt

tintable Lace-up ankle boots
Dikke kus

Natural beauty

OMG I love this pure, innocent and vulnerable look, hey I could fall in love with my avi ... lol ^^

Wearing two NEW items:

Natural Beauty Tulip db-06 skin, a Special Editon skin for Skin Sales store. Unbelievable but true this awesome skin is available in pale color at the Skin Sales store for only 75 L$. I love it, Kooky loved it and guess we are not the only ones...

Poetic Colors new line preview grey sky eyes (0 L$ at the PC store). Aww these eyes are simply GORGEOUS!
There's an NC included in the folder with the request of the designer (Lano Ling) for feedback coz these eyes are just a preview of the new eye series that still needs a name.  Mmm 'dido eyes?' big smile

From my closet:
MINA hair Famke in DR06
B.Nuts lip piercing

Dikke kus

Foolish games - Jewel (one of my all times favs)

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Empire dress, Ainslinn hair at new hairshop 'HQ'

Two NEW items I wanted to show you:

Let me start with the super romantic G*Field Empire dress (Platinum hunt gift): it has a lovely color soft blue combined with a purple flower belt AND it's super nicely made, but hey what else can one expect from Cerberus ^^ and  the way this dress moves around my pixel body ...  gorgeous!

Next item is a new MINA hair called Ainslinn. Showing the reddish brown color (RBR05 with the MINA TKO hairbase in the same color).
Mina is a friend and she informed me that a new hairshop will be opening called 'Headquater' (fun name btw). It's a place where designers offer hair in limited edition at a special price. MINA's Ainslinn hair is for sale at Headquater in three colors for only L$ 99 !

Filthy skin Platinum (Platinum hunt gift, which I blogged a few days ago)

From my inventory:
Shoes: ALaFolie satin blue

Dikke kus

Monday 15 August 2011

Bipolar Kitty

Another extensive bloggers review item of BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich): the Bipolar Kitty, which comes in different versions (Zebra, Striped, Leopard and Bicolor) that come in different colors. Phew a lot of items and possible combinations. 
Showing you the bicolor option in red and white (the folder contains also the red and black option). It's fun and, like all Cameron her outfits, it's sexy, naughty and nicely made. Of course it includes tail, ears and boots, but hey 'sure I'm no cat' ;-). I love the white star tattoo that come in all upper and lower part layers.

Another new BDR item is the Yadhira hair. The hair includes a scripted tintable hairband and comes in all colors. The coral color is free.

From my inventory I took a skin with fierce red lips to match this outfit: 
Glam Affair Eva skin (natural) this years Valentine Day gift.
A pair of red high heels: the Stiletto Moody Bare Lana heels.

Dikke kus

Entre Mares

Awesome this outfit; lace and feathers a dress that makes me feel super sexy!
I am happy to be able to blog this Entre Mares Monique dress.
Also wearing one of the three new lovely Truth hairs of this week called Trixie in quince. 

Furthermore wearing:
Plastik Aleksandra beta skin - Fawn
Sorry Asia tribal 2 facial tattoo black
BDR Write on me tattoo
Stiletto Moody bare Fay shoes black
Necklace 'The Underworld' collar (gift of my dear friend Chris long ago)
LouLou&Co bracelets Crepuscule
B.Nuts star lip piercing
TSS Darken eyebrow piercing

Dikke kus

Amy once more

Pfff yeah I know I just can't get enough of Amy. Soo here she is again but this time in a sexy black Plastik mini dress called Ambrice (part of Kea's RL birthday gift), arm tattoos AND moreover wearing Platinum Filthy skin (Platinum hunt no. 78); wow I like this skin.
Using Di's Opera Platinum poses (hunt no. 1; yep starting point of the Platinum hunt). Di's poses are suppah, luv them muchos!

Dikke kus

Furthermore wearing:
Amy hair of A&A (Alli&Ali Designs) - NEW
Filthy skin Platinum (hunt no. 78) - NEW
LOULOU&CO gloves crepuscule
Dutch Touch Yri makeup lipstick serie A - no. 6
Poetic Color Eyes Bright - ice crystal
Lelutka lashes natur
League wanderer necklace and bracelet - black
KatatOnik fruit swirl tattoo sleeves
BDR write on me tattoo on leg

Sunday 14 August 2011

Amy in black

Received the Amy hair of A&A (Alli&Ali Designs) this evening as a bloggers review gift and as it is so adoring I simply couldn't resist to do an Amy blog post. 
So here I am Dido sort of 'Amy style' coz I am not wearing a mini dress like Amy always did, but opted for my newly acquired G*Field Lace Top 'Lucy' in black. Wow love it!

Furthermore wearing:
MichaMi cropped & Slouchy pants in black
COCO belt black
LOULOU&CO gloves crepuscule
Plastik Aleksandra Beta skin Fawn
Dutch Touch Yri makeup lipstick serie A - nr. 9
Poetic Color Eyes Bright - ice crystal
Lelutka lashes natur
League wanderer necklace and bracelet - black
G*Field open boots Vilda black
CoLL Seize the Night tattoo
Repulse Eat Me stomach wound tattoo

Dikke kus

Saturday 13 August 2011

Break My Heart

Introducing my new BF: mr. Polar bear :-) Ain't he cute with those sunglasses?
Picture taken at Wizardhat Studios.
Listening to Wende Snyders - Break my heart. Aww love that song!

Friday 12 August 2011

Meditating at Wizardhat Studios

Yesterday evening I revisited the lovely Wizardhat Studios sim. Flowers everywhere you look, a waterfall, a dock with sailing boats, a seagull, several hammocks and other nice places to sit scattered all over the place among which meditation as well as tai chi pose balls. 
Meditation and nice relaxing music was what I needed after a rather depressing  evening in SL. Of course I took some photo's, couldn't resist :-)

Here's your taxi to Wizardhat Studios 
Dikke kus

Fishy Strawberry college glasses
LOULOU&Co gloves
BOOM I Promise Lace trim bra
Pig Ladies like flowers Eggshell cardigan
SE Design Denim lowrise miniskirt hearts  NEW - bloggers review item
LeeZu Corazon stockings black
League Taylor Sunkiss BlackIce Frex skin
BDR Chelle hair in darkbrown - NEW (see my blog post Hadley and Chelle)
League Wanderer black bracelet and earrings
MIEL CHUM necklace
B.Nuts Star lip piercing
TSS Darken eyebrow piercing
Climbing Vines tattoo
Coco belt

This song made my day. Getting depressed in RL of all the rain; i.e. feels like having no summer at all. However, it always can be worse...

Thx Fabio, luv yah!

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Hunting at LeeZu

This week (from 5-12 August) there's a hunt going on at LeeZu store. Wear your group tag and look for the hidden poker cards. Collect all 12 of them, choose your prize from the list and drop a folder containing all collected poker cards with an NC mentioning your name and the prize of your choice in the profile of Barbara. Barbara is fast coz within the hour I received my prize; the Margot jacket in silver.

My hunt prize: the Margot jacket in silver

AND.. there is a chance to be picked out as a winner. This will be after all entries have been received at the end of the contest. The Grand Prize Winner receives 5000 $L and the choice of any TWO items from the NOIR collection. 

Arghh keeping my fingers crossed coz I did the hunt last night and found all cards except one, the Ten of Spades, arghh soooo frustrating. However, I got help from super kind Lunais Hamer, an experienced hunter. Phew that girl is fast. Thx again Lunais for your help! 

I also noticed a lovely new outfit at LeeZu (top and short skirt), which I think I might ..... mmm yep think I will b... :-)

Just the way you are - Bruno Mars

Here's your taxi to LeeZu. Have fun and good hunting!   
Dikke kus

Furthermore wearing:

The other new BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) hair called Rinoa in dark brown &
the Lelutka Hadley GG skin  

Hadley and Chelle

Showing two new items I received this evening:
One of the 2 lovely new BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) hairs called Chelle in dark brown (the other one is called Rinoa) and 
the Lelutka Hadley GG skin (in Bisque color)

Nite nite 

Furthermore wearing:
Miel Tary top 
KatatOnik Fruit Swirl Tattoo sleeves

Monday 8 August 2011

The end of Grixdale - Opening of Collabor88

This evening I went to a new venue called Collabor88. Essentially this is a group of designers who every month will introduce a new collection of items (at one location) and discounted prices. This first time all items are prized at 88 L$. More info? Visit their website  www.collabor88.com.
Here's your taxi to Collabor88

Grixdale vintage dress 'Sun of a Gun' in peach

One of this month's contributors to Collabor88 is Grixdale. However, it'll also be their last participation coz the Grixdale is closing. The inworld store will close officially August 31st and it's not sure if items will be added to the marketplace. Arghh, it makes me feel so sad when good stores close in RL as well as in SL. Such a shame coz Grixdale makes really nice stuff.

Grixdale dress 'Wolf and I'

So, I bought the Grixdale item at Collabor88, which contains 4 awesome dresses and a pack of make-up tattoo layers. Super deal!
Showing you two of the dresses. Love them!

Only thing left to say is 'Thanks Tyr Rozenblum for all the wonderful stuff you made in the past years!'

Dikke kus

SALE at Glitterati

There's an Annual SALE going on at Glitterati from August 7 till 1st September. Many of the props and single poses will be retired. All items (!) are prized down at 100 L$. 
This evening I went there with Fabio and both of us bought a lot of poses and props, hard to stop buying coz there are tooo many nice items at Glitterati. Showing you some.

Dikke kus

Sunday 7 August 2011

Pirate in sepia

New BDR Beautiful Dirty Rich outfit (comes in all layers) which includes a bikini with scripted ties, a pirate shirt, a miniskirt with scripted prim, gloves, socks, boots, a tail and cute ears. It's called Innovation
Innovation comes in several colors and the lilac one is the Gift of this month. Another awesome item of BDR.
I am wearing the grey one however,.... well it's all sepia to you now isn't it :-)

Thanks Cameron for the bloggers review item!

Photo was taken at the entrance ship of Jabberwock. If you like to sail a pirate ship, get into a good fight and RP your way around the pirate world, don't look any further coz here's where you wanna be. Thanks captain Kurt for showing me around!

Dikke kus

Fields of Gold

Sassy! Blossom dress - just peachy (the recently changed MobVend price) and a new release. You can get it for more than half off the original price with enough people. Super romantic summer dress that has a great fitting. I love the color and the pattern.
A&A (Alli&Ali) Pax hair rustbrown (NEW), wow nice nice nice  

From my closet
Lelutka LOLA skissed skin MFW2010 dark brows
League wanderer bracelet wrist 4 strands

Dikke kus

photo by Fabio Lazui

You'll remember me when the west wind moves
Among the fields of barley
You can tell the sun in his jealous sky
As we walk in fields of gold

 Fields of Gold by Eva Cassidy (my fav version)

Thanks to the designers for their blogger review items!