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Monday 31 March 2014

Tabita, Whatever Girly at Frisland

Recently I joined the Bloggers Group 'We Love to Blog' (ty Quan) and this is my first post in which I show one of their bloggers review items.
This really cool FBD total outfit 'Whatever girly' comes with skinny mesh jeans, a gorgeous belt in several sizes, a mesh leather jacket, a system layer tanktop and urban sneakes (not shown).
I luvvvv the small zippers on the sleeves of the jacket and the cool folds in the jeans. Great details & quality.

I promissed the designer Dalriada Delwood to mention where you can buy the outfit, so here you go: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/47747
LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Xemtantic/149/182/1456

NEW since 28 March and available for 2 weeks is Tabita, an updated mesh MINA hair in 2 new colorpacks and with materials for The Dressing Room Fusion (TDR) for only 70 L$. Cute, cute, cute!

Also NEW is the PixelGeek chained collar (with and without RLV). I am wearing the black version, but the folder also contains a light silver, gold and silver version of the same collar. 

The cool mesh Timerascal Brass goggles, which flip on touch, are from Loki and are from the Street Urchin Steampunk Range. They were a gift from my sweetie last January. Luv them.

Pose used by Flowey, On the go part one, Walkin' one from this months' Collabor88.

Photos made at Frisland, Laluna Island; a lovely sim to explore. I enclosed the LM ^^

Dikke kus

Tuesday 25 March 2014

My 'Gauguin dress'

Wearing the awesome Paris METRO outfit 'Artist Series Indea Vaher', which is the same outfit as shown by the artist Indea in her artwork 'Purple hat', one of many colorfull artworks of the new exhibition at Paris Metro Art Gallery 'Women of the St Isabella Island'. 

I sooo love the vivid colors of this skirt. Although, I did change the yellow mesh top that comes with the skirt for a soft green color mesh corset from my inventory (SLAVE mesh CorSeT M8), which in my opinion fits better to the green in the skirt ^^
Love the hat too with the jolly green ribbons. 

The Coral earrings are last months (February 2014) Pure Poison GG
and the hair is Mientje by MINA, which I blogged recently.
The shoes are Fri.day Peggy.T-Straps (Tomato) SLINK ad ons and definitely a fav. 

Thanks again Captain ^^

dikke kus

standing in front of the art work at Paris Metro gallery

Photo made at LEA10 'Your breath was shed' 

Monday 24 March 2014


Showing SYSY's mesh dress ChaCha and Bowwedges for SLink medium feet add on, which are her items for the present round of My Attic, which opened last Friday, 21 March and will run as always for 10 days. All items are prized at ONLY 95L$ for the duration of the event. The dress as well as the bowwedges come in a few nice colors. So hurry to the Attic coz these 2 items are lovely!

The other NEW item (well at least for me) is the facial paint I'm wearing: 7 Deadly s(K)ins - Gluttony M4 DEF, which is the eyeliner and the black paint.
I like it. It was a gift, don't remember where I found it.

And of course I'm wearing the latest MINA material hair Mientje in white (see my former blog post).

That's it for tonite. Sleep well and have a good week!
dikke kus

Thursday 20 March 2014

Mientje and Hard Candy

photo made while being lazy at home (Costa Blanco)

Today two NEW items: 
  • The BDR (Beautiful, Ditry, Rich) total mesh outfit Hard Candy, shown in black however comes with a HUD that give you many many textures and colours. The awesome sneaker boots are included too. Luv them!
    The (as usual) huge BDR folder comes with  A LOT of items, next to many different alpha layers, sizes tops and shorts, sneaker boots there's also a music player (not shown). Thanks soo much Cameron!
    I have been wearing this outfit the past days soo on all pics I took exploring I am wearing it.
  • The other newness is the not yet released MINA hair 'Mientje'. It's MINA's item for the upcoming 'My Attic' which opens tomorrow, 21 March. Mientje is simply gorgeous and one of her best, although..... soo many super MINA hairs lately!
Also wearing the Pure Poison bowtie Swirl, this months GG, which I blogged in my former post too.

A thank you to the designers for these really cool blogger review items!
dikke kus

photos made while exploring Blueprint City 

A close and better view of MINA's hair 'Mientje'

More info about the lovely sim, where I made this photo: 

Tuesday 18 March 2014

My first FITTED mesh

Yeah it's NEW so gotta show my first FITTED mesh dress: Valentine.E Sleeveless Greta dress. Wow I luv it! It fits super even when (suddenly) my chest grows/shrinks a few sizes ^^

Here's something about FITTED MESH: it adjusts to your shape by using the avatar's Body Shape Sliders in the Appearance Editor. This results in clothing that can adjust and fit to your avatar's own personal body shape and style.
FITTED MESH should fit most avatars but please try a DEMO before purchasing. An alpha layer will still be required.

Furthermore wearing Pure Poison BowTie Swirl, this months GroupGift: super cute, luv it!
The gorgeous hair is MINA's Amber, which is soo cool retro and smexy.

Photo made at Nitroglobus gallery in front of my own photo, which is mirrored into the water. Yeah, that's nude moi  

dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their awesome bloggers review items! Appreciated

Josje in Indie Rose

Wow, here's another NEW MINA mesh hair called Josje (that girl is soo productive lately) and a NEW Spring Release from Indie Rose, consisting of a layered floral sculpted skirt with a mesh cropped top. Both items come in 4 soft spring colors. Lovely, especially the top I love muchly. Thanks to the designers for these awesome bloggers review items. 

The Fri.day Peggy T-straps in red (tomato) are an ad on for SLINK medium barefeet. I love them. I already got the black ones, but red was definitely a must have ^^

Photos made while standing in front of one of Sina's artworks, which is, together with work of Sabbian on the walls of Nitroglobus gallery atm; the exhibition (worth a visit) 'The Masks we Wear'.

Pose used: Flowey 'On the Go' (Collabor88 March 2014)

From my inventory come the SYSY's Slink Enhancement Stockings 50op2 
as well as the Scribble Hemp & Glass Beads/red and the Mandala Pearl Rain bracelets in cream.

dikke kus

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Party time


When: Sunday 16 March 2014
Starts:  12 pm SLT (= 21. hrs Paris time)
Ends:    3  pm SLT (= 24.00 hrs Paris time)

Where: Nitroglobus gallery (taxi to our gallery)
Music by DJ Ferdy (YEAH we have a NEW DJ ^^)

Dresscode:  'MASKERADE' (wear a mask/veil/....)

gros bisous & dikke kus
Nitro & Dido

* March/April 2014 exhibition 'The Masks we Wear' 


Nitro made an awesome SHORT VIDEO about the exhibition, take a look 

On the Go

This evening in between working on photos of and a party invitation for the exhibition 'The Masks we Wear' by Sina Souza and Sabbian Paine, I finally managed to tp to Collabor88 March 2014 edition. 
Phew, as usual it was very crowded and took a loooong time for stuff to rezz. 
However, when it did finally rezz ... wow. 

I was in a hurry so little time to try on all the demo's. However, I did buy this lovely black Fishy Strawberry mesh Tokyo Office shirt as well as the cool D!va Judy hair in Black Amber, which comes with a script that lets you resize hair and change the color of the ribbon.
I also bought the cute Flowey 'on the go' poses, which were used in this photo shoot at former gallery exhibitor Ronda Saunders her new installation.

From my closet:
Cynful mesh skinny jeans - stripes tan (former TDR item)

dikke kus

Ronda Saunders' exciting NEW installation, which is worth exploring! 

Monday 10 March 2014

The Masks We Wear

We have a NEW exhibition at Nitroglobus gallery. It opened this evening: 
'The Masks We Wear' by Sabbian Paine and Sina Souza. For the first time these two awesome artists exhibit together.  

Together also they choose the title and interpreted the theme of masks in their very own special way, leaving both a very personal ‘signature’

Important info: 

Both artists tied a QUOTE  to EACH art work to EXPLAIN what INSPIRED them to create that specific work. These quotes can be found FLOATING ON THE WATER. 

Taxi to our gallery:  

Opening party wil be next Sunday, 16 March. Will keep you posted

Dikke kus

Friday 7 March 2014


My 'Arty Impression' , which I placed on FlickR

Ingenue Pandora Flats for SLINK flat feet in Clover (from the Arcade, gatcha event). Great add on sandals for only L$ 50. 
H.E.D. Summer Belted mesh shirt, which comes with 2 HUDS containing several textures and colors. There's also one texture that's this months giftie (not shown).
MINA hair Nanda in brown this time

From my invent:
Pure Poison Lucrezia Necklace which is their January 2014 group gift.
Pure Poison Cool Unisex Bracelet
MIEL Infinity mesh carf plain skinny, which comes with a HUD that lets you change the color.
Plastik Gogo UP legging Ariyannah (system layer)

Pose used: Flowey 'raw nostalgia' from the latest Collabor88

dikke kus

Monday 3 March 2014

Nanda, Hanna, Barcelona

Wearing 3 NEW items (luv them all):

  • BER.LOON mesh strapless Hanna Dress Acqua, which I bought yesterday at The Fashion Collective
  • YS&YS Barcelona Taupe Sandals high from the lastest TDR Fusion (The Dressing Room), shoes for SLINK AvEnhance Feet Mid
  • MINA, who's super productive these last weeks, gave me the Bloggers Review folder of her latest: meshy braid hair Nanda, which will be released Wednesday 5 March for 'We <3 i="" role-play="">' at 188L$ (25% discount). 

When I saw the names of all these items it reminded me of the awesome movie 'Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona'.
I included the soundtrack at the bottom of this blog post. Enjoy!
dikke kus

music of the movie Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona

Sunday 2 March 2014


For TDR Fusion (The Dressing Room) MINA has a totally new hair called Amber. Two colorpacks for only 70 L$ and the essentials at normal price, available at TDR for the next 2 weeks.
I am wearing the WHITE one.

Furthermore wearing Pure Poison Emma Necklace (the April 2013 GG) and when I am not mistaken, still available.
The dress is the DRBC mesh OMFG! Red Dots dress, which is not new but sooo lovely and defnitely one of my faves; I blogged it a while ago 

dikke kus