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Sunday 31 July 2011

Live life on the Edge

There ain't no reason you and me should be alone tonight
Yeah baby, tonight, yeah baby
I got a reason that you
Who should take me home tonight

I need a man that thinks it's right when it's all wrong tonight
Yeah baby, tonight, yeah baby
Right on the limb is where we know
We both belong tonight

It's hard to feel the rush
To brush the dangerous
I'm gonna run right to, to the edge with you
Where we can both fall far in love

I'm on the edge of glory
And I'm hanging on a moment of truth
Out on the edge of glory
And I'm hanging on a moment with you

Lady Gaga's solo piano performance of "The Edge Of Glory"

I am no Gaga fan but this performance is AWESOME! Wanted to share with those of you who haven't heard.
Dikke kus

Japanese mood

Inspired by a blog post I visited KowLoon this morning (this place has been in SL as long as I am alive (4,5 yrs); great place to buy good Japanese stuff for little money) after buying the awesome naughty nipple showing B@R (Bare Rose) kimono 'I Only Said'. 
I am not that much into kimono's but this one is yummie, luv it

So here is my and Fabio's version. 
Dikke kus 

photo by Fabio Lazuli

Saturday nite blues

Two more Blogger Review items both from Sassy! (thanks Ivy):
Sassy Denim mini skirt faded blue and
Sassy Elegance sweater aqua, which comes with sculpted arm and sleeve parts. 
Saturday nite blues  ^^

Dikke kus

Saturday 30 July 2011

Road Closed

Lots of Blogger Review items coming in over the past days. Showing you some in this post. I went to a sleazy place with lots of dirt on the floor (which btw I hate in RL, throwing away stuff just like that, but hey this is SL pfffff).

PixelDolls Vigne/Tart olive dress (hey the green skirt goes great with my frog legs :-)
JD Necklace All U Need (fun with the tin of Coke and the sunglasses)
Graffitiwear Wide Leather belt
[S]oleil Hopalong Frog legs (had so much fun wearing them)

Thanks to all the designers for their bloggers review items!

From my closet:
LouLou&Co goves Crepuscule
League Side-Gartered stockings - Dragon Tattoo
Lelutka RYKIEL hair - IrishRed
Plastik LionHeart Tale PsycheFreck skin
BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) Write on Me Tattoo
Miel CHUM barcelet
B.Nuts star lip piercing
Poetic Color Eyes Bright Ice Crystal

Dikke kus

Feathers in my hair

Yesterday I finally bought the awesome League Hitch dress Floral in soft brown, an item I wanted to buy for a long time. It's a mix of feminin, cute and tough and I love it.
While I was at League I couln't resist and bought 2 pair of League Side-Gartered stockings. On the photo below I am wearing the Dragon Tattoo stockings.

And.... I bought another wig, after all a girl cannot have enough hair right. It's from a shop I seldom visit: RedMint. Lovely hair and.... it's different: wearing hair No. 11 satin blond. The hair comes with a hud to change the color of the cute feathers. 

The tattoo is from [S]oleil called Faerie Fuck and a bloggers review item. Yep I know I am no faerie, but this is cute. It comes in different layers. 

From my closet:
Mi: Optical Glasses Shioya silver
LouLou&Co gloves Crepuscule
GF short western boots (halloween gift)

Have a nice weekend
Dikke kus

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Exploring Daytime Dreams

Exploring Daytime Dreams with Fabio


Bryn Oh machinima
when you climb through the mirror you enter a totally different world

the colour purple

 Taxi to Daytime Dreams a sim worth exploring.
Dikke kus

Lelutka Breeze at Daytime Dreams

Lelutka Breeze gift (hair with hat in 8 different colours), bikini and sarong. Super: the color, the texture, the design .... yep lovely gift.

Picture taken by Fabio 

Both pictures taken at Daytime Dreams, a place worth exploring. Here's your taxi

Dikke kus

Kea Birthday gift part II

Phew took me ages to unpack all the gifts in the HUGE-ASS back of Kea.
Showing some more coz I couldn't resist to take pics of the items. Love them!
Thanks again Kea!
Dikke kus

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Happy Birthday dear Kea, happy birthday to you ;-)

Today is Aikea Reiko (Kea), her RL birthday and to celebrate this she sent out a HUGE-ASS bag of goodies as she called it, to all members of her group (Plastik). She picked out all of her favorite skins, eyes, and clothes for men AND women.
OMG sooo many items; will take hours and hours to unpack and rezz all.

Well I started unpacking at KaToMaNi, where Fabio and I have a small exhibition (8 photos). Do come and have a look, here's your taxi.

I took some pics in front of our exhibited photos.

1st Plastik gift outfit: 
Skin: Plastik Ataciara Chorus-Phoenix
Dress: BordelloReloaded - SouthernLights 

2nd Plastik gift outfit:
Skin: Ataciara Chorus-Phoenix 
Pants: Aeda Slacks Moss
Shirt : BeautifulStorm-RoseGarden laila 

3rd Plastik gift outfit: 
Skin Ataciara Elven - Nautical (Warlord)
Dress: Airen Peach (comes with black and/or white pearls around pelvis and chest)

4th Plastik gift item: Tomboy Verve shirt, wich comes in a pack of two: the other Tee is called Wanda and has sculpted chest part! Wearing my Plastik FLF Aleksandra Beta skin - Fawn, wow I truly love this one.

From my closet:
Fri.day Hair Deena - Scornful red

Happy birthday dear Kea and thanks soooo much!
Dikke BIRHDAY kus

Monday 25 July 2011

Behind the Web

Wearing last FLF (22 July) Plastik Aleksandre Beta skin (Fawn). Wow, I really really love this skin, especially (like all Aikea Rieko's skins) the body, which is so detailed and awesome. 
The Aleksandra skin folder contains many tattoo layers of Ataciara makeups for face and body (white freckles as well as eye and lip makeups).
I combined Aleksandre skin with my favorit YS&YS Freckles Add tattoo layer. Yep, I am a freckles addict I guess :-)

Also wearing DECO Bloom heels in cream, another great FLF item I bought last Friday. They are not the first pair of Blooms heels I bought. Lovely.

Pictures were taken at Roche, which is worthwhile exploring. 
Here's your taxi

Dikke kus

Roche, worthwhile exploring

DECO Bloom heels

Monokini and a new Tux

I am wearing SE*Designz new July release Monokini in red, a bloggers review item. I like the design, also the back (see picture at the bottom of this blog post).
While I was taking pictures of the Monokini for this blog post at the edge of Fabio's swimmingpool, he was showing off his new SF Design Anniversary tux  - burnt umber. Today is his rezz day and the tux is a present from guess who ;-)

Dikke kus

SF Design tuxedo

the sexy back of Monokini

Meeting 'Harry' at BedandBreakfast

Accidently I stumbled onto this draft of a blog entry I never posted, but initiated ages ago about the awesome Bed and Breakfast sim. So cute coz this was the first time Andy (my SL BF) and me met. He looked way different then .... arghhh I would say he's kind of a blond version of the young Harry Potter. 
Anyway, I recognized him coz he is still wearing the same shoes as he did on the photos. Mmm they must be worn out by now of all the exploring he does (big smile)

Dikke kus

Summer time = Bikini time

Yeah it's Summertime in SL, coz here's another bikini this one is from EDENthe Stars Bikini in pink. Wow, super cute. It comes in one layer only, but well who cares coz hey it's a bikini, which you wear on bare skin. 

Wearing one of the two new awesome Truth hairs of this week called Zaria. Super as always: curly, flex hair that comes in many options (streaked, non-streaked and separate lower and upper parts of the hair). I decided to be a long haired blond for a change and therefore wearing the champagne colour. 

Also showing the new Finesmith Designs jewellery: Hara and Neta. Lovely detailed jewellery. 
Hara consists of a necklace, earrings and a lovely cuff. Wearing all in the photo above.

The Neta earrings come in different stone options, showing Neta Onyx.
Neta Jasper earrings howeverare 10 L$ for group members only. The rest of the colours are for 100 L$ and this again is for groupmembers only. So ladies wear your grouptag.

Dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers reviews items!

Thursday 21 July 2011

Sweetest dress

Showing SLC Dress Sweetest in white, a bloggers review item, which comes in several nice pastels. I like the lace and the asymmetric collar of this dress, which is resizable as is the skirt.

I am in a white mood this evening so I combined it with my cute Suze hat silver from Risk City. I adore this hat of SuzeLaRousse and the nice veil that makes my avi look mysterious and sexy. 

Furthermore wearing Truth Jean hair - driftwood & my League Sia Bloom frex skin

Dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their Bloggers Review items!

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Anna's Many Murders by Bryn Oh

It's new, it's exciting and you HAVE to go there!
Yeah I know I didn't take enough pics to show you, but hey who needs pics when you know it's Bryn ....
She is a genious and this new sim/adventure is exciting and soooooo Bryn :-)
Thanks Michiel, dear brother, for the LM!

Meeting Bryn

A bit of fashion (always...): showing +Randomocity+ Steampunk Gears tank top women, 
combined it with the Tulip Lilly Set jacket layer 'Disconnected' (a former TFG item)

Furthermore wearing:
Dutch Touch skin CleO Olive EB1 Smokey FR
Truth hair Jean auburn, streaked
AMD Berry Flexy skirts - white
TFG necklace Ethnic special summer edition
Kookie Armada Neurtral boots

Have fun exploring this new Bryn Oh sim!
Dikke kus

Popular posts

No fashion, nor exploring, but some thoughts and reflections for a change.
Let me explain what triggered those reflections: when studying the STATS (statistics) of my blog I wondered why some posts (some of them very old), are ALWAYS - really for months and months on a row - on top of my top 10 of favorite posts (see bottom of this webpage). 
These are the posts:

  • Salimar
  • Image Plus
  • Wet boots 
  • and lately also Seductive hippy girl

Now, I understand that people like the last photo of 'Salimar' coz that one is truly a hot picture. And, if you are a person that likes big ladies well then you will love the female figure in the water at Image Plus. Both are sims I explored and where I took these juicy pictures. 
However, Seductive Hippy Girl is a fashion post with a perfectly decent me in a red outfit and more over the Wet Boots post is even more decent coz it shows  Sven and me fully dressed dancing in the ocean. 

wet boots

Yeah, sometimes I just wonder who the people are that are so interested in these last two posts. Just intrigued and curious about them and what makes them interested in these specific photos. But hey I love their interest in my blog! Forgive me my curiosity ;-) Love you all!

Dikke kus

Monday 18 July 2011

Summer at TFG

combined the Tulip bodysuit with AMD's Berry Flexi skirt in white

Yeah, a Special Summer Edition of TFG (The Fashion Garret) is out. 
I bought this Tulip bodysuit set that contains 2 bodysuits (all layers) and a pair of matching flats. I love the colors and the leaf design, super!

Furthermore, I couldn't resist buying this Natural Beauty Tulip-Special edition skin. Aww, makes my avi look so innocent (which I am of course), pure and tender. I love it!
I completed my shopping with the TFG exclusive item, which is an Ethnic necklace, that happens to match the colors of the Tulip bodysuit very well.
Here's your taxi to TFG

Dikke kus

Sunday 17 July 2011

I simply love Red (Truth Bree hair and A&M double layer top)


New Truth hair Bree streaked (quince), aww love this one!

Furthermore showing you another NEW item: A&M (Acid & Mala) Double layer top Red. It's the 'Taste Of SL Featured Designer (TOSL)' week 55 item and costs L$ 75, wear group tag to get it, slap the sign. I like it ;-)

From my closet:
TonkTastic biker gloves black
MichaMi cropped & slouchy pants in black

Pics taken at the awesome sim of Eternidad; wow so many poppy fields and other nice views and items here.

Dikke kus

Thanks to the designers for their bloggers review items!