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Saturday 15 June 2013

Lorena - Liquid lunch

PetsiKat's exhibition 'If trees could talk' at Colore Art Gallery (taxi to the gallery)
Yeah, a lot of exploring and jumping around sims this evening, but actually I wanted to show Lorena, a NEW great looking mesh jumpsuit by PiNKCHERRY.   

Yesterday I visited the PiNK CHERRY shop and awww I found many awesome outfits there. Showing you one of them: jumpsuit Lorena, which comes in many colors. Thx sooo much Jane for the bloggers review item.

Enjoy your weekend!
dikke kus

Appalachian; Cica's Garden, wow what an awesome place! Do go and visit. Here's your taxi 

Lorena in red

To celebrate the weekend I give you a song from Caro Emerald, awesome Dtuch singer. Enjoy!

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